Tournament Youth Division

The Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament has added a Youth Division for anglers aged fifteen and younger. There is also a Youth Division of the Live Release Award program.

Fishing is a great way to enjoy nature and spend quality time with family and friends outdoors. For the kids, there’s the anticipation of hooking a big one (“big’un” in fishing slang) and the joy of the fight once they do. For adults, it’s a trip back to childhood and a chance to watch the kids’ pride when they land their fish.

A smiling young angler sits on a boat on the water holding a large fish across his chest.

All species recognized in the Adult Division are eligible for Youth Division recognition and awards. The minimum qualifying sizes for each species have been lowered.

All fish entered in the Youth Division must be weighed at an official Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament Weigh Station. They can be found at most tackle shops.

Young anglers who submit applications for their trophy catch will get a collectible award lapel pin, and they’ll receive a colorful citation, showing the type of fish they caught. They are suitable for framing to display their prowess as a young angler. The color fish illustrations on the citations are reproductions of original paintings by the artist Duane Raver, Jr.

For more information, please review the Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament Rules.

Live Release Awards

Conservation-minded youngsters who release their trophy catch are eligible for the Youth Division Live Release Award. Fish caught must be released unharmed, immediately after landing and measuring for length. Measurement must be verified by a witness.

For more information, please review the Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament Rules.