Delaware Wildlife Action Plan

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife has created a Delaware Wildlife Action Plan to coordinate wildlife conservation practices in the 21st century.

Funds appropriated by Congress through the State Wildlife Grants program require states to demonstrate comprehensive wildlife conservation needs. “Comprehensive” includes all species and all habitats.

The federal State Wildlife Grants (SWG) program assists state fish and wildlife agencies with conservation of all wildlife species and the habitats they rely on. By Congressional SWG requirements, each state and territory must revise this comprehensive document every 10 years to remain eligible for these funds.

After a nearly three-year process involving various stakeholders and species experts, Delaware’s 2015 Delaware Wildlife Action Plan was completed and approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Delaware Wildlife Action Plan is critical to helping Delaware fulfill its responsibility to conserve its abundant fish and wildlife and natural habitats for future generations and keeping common species common.

Delaware Wildlife Action Plan 2015-2025

You can download the Entire Document as a ZIP file (Note: this file is about 30 MB), a Fact Sheet, an Executive Summary or individual chapters and appendices (Table of Contents).

Chapter 1: Delaware’s Wildlife Species of Greatest Conservation Need

Chapter 2: Delaware’s Wildlife Habitats

Chapter 3: Issues Affecting SGCN and Key Habitats in Delaware

Chapter 4: Conservation Actions to Address the Key Issues Facing Delaware’s SGCN and their Habitats

Chapter 5: Monitoring, Review and Revision

Chapter 6: Outreach and Coordination

Appendix 1.A: SGCN List by Ecological Group

Appendix 1.B: SGCN List, Alphabetical with Criteria Met

Appendix 1.C: Additions and Removals to SGCN List

Appendix 1.D: Data Sources Consulted

Appendix 2.A: Delaware Wildlife Habitat Classification

Appendix 2.B: Habitat Crosswalk, 2007-2015

Appendix 2.C: Species-Habitat Associations

Appendix 2.D: Scientific Names of Plant Species

Appendix 3: TRACS Conservation Actions and Ranking Criteria

Appendix 4: IUCN Conservation Issues and Ranking Criteria

Appendix 5: Compilation of Existing Monitoring Programs

Appendix 6: Outreach and Coordination