The Delaware Freedom of Information Act (29 Del. Code, Chapter 100), generally referred to as “FOIA,” ensures that the public has easy access to public records held by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and other state agencies.

Make a FOIA Request to DNREC

Use the online FOIA form to send a request directly. Or, use the fillable PDF FOIA form to create a request that can be mailed or faxed to:

S. Lee Sobocinski
DNREC FOIA Coordinator
391 Lukens Drive, New Castle, Delaware 19720
Email: DNREC FOIA Coordinator
Phone: 302-395-2600
Fax: 302-395-2555

Find DNREC Data Online

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is part of the Delaware Open Data Council, which has created an Open Data Portal to hold public data sets, including a growing list of DNREC datasets. The Department also maintains the Delaware Environmental Navigator (DEN), a database of core environmental data and permitting and enforcement information that allows search by location, permit type and more.

A Commitment to Open Information

DNREC is in the midst of a major project to create an on-line repository of public documents, as part of a comprehensive effort to improve its business processes, information management, and transparency.

The Department tries to make as much public information as possible available on-line, but it is sometimes the case that FOIA requests are required. DNREC’s FOIA team works to fulfill those requests, following the DNREC Policies and Procedures Regarding FOIA Requests published in the Delaware Administrative Code.

More About FOIA in Delaware

The Freedom of Information Act topic page on the state web portal includes more information about FOIA, including a link to answers to frequently asked questions by the Delaware Department of Justice, a list of state agency FOIA coordinators, and a central form to submit FOIA requests to any state agency.

A Final Note

Under Delaware’s Freedom of Information Act, a FOIA request or petition, along with any information contained therein or any documents attached thereto, submitted to any “public body” subject to FOIA, including, without limitation, any board, bureau, commission, department, agency or committee of the State, may itself be deemed a “public record” subject to disclosure under FOIA.

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