Division of Fish and Wildlife

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife conserves and manages Delaware’s fish and wildlife and their habitats, and provides fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and boating access on approximately 68,000 acres of public land. The division oversees wildlife resource conservation and control of mosquito populations and offers hunter, boating and aquatic education programs. It provides licenses and registration for hunting, fishing and boating.

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The division manages wildlife and wildlife habitat, public wildlife areas, hunting and wildlife viewing.


The division manages recreational and commercial fisheries and proves public fishing and boating access.

Licensing and Registration

The division provides hunting and fishing licenses, permits, boat registrations, waterfowl stamps, trout stamps and Conservation Access Passes.

Guides, Seasons and Maps

The division publishes the Delaware Hunting and Trapping Guide, the Delaware Fishing Guide and the weekly Delaware Fishing Report. It manages hunting seasons and provides outdoor recreation maps.

Mosquitos and Ticks

The division works to control mosquitoes and ticks in Delaware and manages and restores marshlands throughout the state.

Natural Resources Police

Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police investigate hunting, fishing and boating violations. They patrol Delaware waterways, state wildlife areas and state-owned boating access areas, fishing ponds and piers.

Education and Outreach

The division offers a variety of educational and outreach programs, including programs designed specifically for school groups in grades K through 12.

Social Media

Follow the Division of Fish and Wildlife on Facebook. Find the Department (@DelawareDNREC) on several major social media platforms.

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