Division of Air Quality

The DNREC Division of Air Quality monitors the ambient air quality and regulates air emissions, asbestos removal and open burning. The division maintains emission inventories from various source types and develops the State’s clean air implementation plans. And the division advises the Secretary of DNREC on possible new air regulations and supports the enforcement of existing regulations.

Logo of the DNREC Division of Air Quality

Air Quality Monitoring

Learn about air quality monitoring and special studies and find the air quality forecast during ozone season.

Permitting and Regulation

Learn about the regulations and permits governing the control of air pollution to ensure that Delaware’s air meets air quality standards.

Residential Open Burning

Find out what’s allowed and what’s not. Read the Citizens Guide to Open Burning.


Learn about the risks of asbestos and how DNREC works to manage those risks and protect the public.

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Find out how Delaware works with other states to improve air quality by managing greenhouse gas and other emissions.

Mobile Sources

Learn about the measures and programs DNREC uses to reduce motor vehicle-related pollution from on-road vehicles and non-road vehicles.

Business Assistance

Find free regulatory advisory assistance for new and existing small businesses.

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