Internships with DNREC

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control offers full-time, paid summer internships to college students and recent graduates eager to work alongside professionals while cultivating their own career paths.

We are excited to share that all positions for the Summer 2024 season are full! Please stay tuned for updates on our next round of opportunities.

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The 12-week program will employ 18 interns in various roles throughout the Department. Opportunities are available at DNREC offices throughout the state, at locations in all three Delaware counties, some with hybrid or flexible work schedules available.

The internships offer a competitive salary of $17 per hour for a full 37.5-hour work week, allowing interns to gain valuable, hands-on experience. This practical exposure is intended to open doors for those who want to establish careers in public service and/or environmental science.

Internships are available in several fields, including:

  • Environmental science
  • Natural resource management
  • Wildlife biology
  • Data science and statistics
  • Marketing communications
  • Engineering and compliance
  • Government administration
  • Conservation education and outreach

Who Are We Looking For?

The Department is looking for current college students, or recent graduates, with a vision for a sustainable future who are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment.

Ideal candidates are eager to work alongside professionals who share that passion for the environment and are committed to making a difference.

The internships are ideal for those interested in a career in public service, environmental science or related areas.

2024 DNREC Internship Cohort

DNREC hired 17 interns for the summer of 2024. The internships will run from June through August.

The positions in this cohort are listed below, by Division, with a brief description. More detailed descriptions of each internship, along with the educational benefits of each, specific job duties, job requirements and other information is available in the Intern Program Details document and via the “Learn More” links included with each description.

Office of the Secretary

Administrative Law Intern

Help the Administrative Law Services Section with the Department’s regulatory development process, public hearings and other matters relating to administrative law. (Learn More)

Division of Community Affairs

Marketing Communications Intern

Work with the DNREC Public Affairs team to develop content, increase brand awareness, engage with constituents and support a wide range of marketing and communications efforts. (Learn More)

Division of Fish and Wildlife

Biological Aide – Delmarva Fox Squirrel and Bats Intern

Help the Wildlife Section with research and monitoring of Delmarva fox squirrels in Sussex County and assist with a variety of projects focused on Delaware’s bat population. (Learn More)

Biological Aide – Herps Research Intern

Assist the state herpetologist, in the Wildlife Section, by conducting surveys for amphibians and reptiles; conducting radio telemetry and trapping; monitoring rare, threatened and endangered species; identifying, measuring and marking live animals; and entering field data into Excel and Google Earth databases. (Learn More)

Biological Aide – Gamebirds Research Intern

Help the state gamebird biologist, in the Wildlife Section, by conducting surveys for gamebirds; conducting trapping and banding; identifying, measuring and marking live animals; and entering data into Excel and Access databases. (Learn More)

Biological Aide – Fisheries Intern

Work with assist biological staff in the Fisheries Section with research and monitoring of fish and invertebrate populations throughout Delaware using various field and laboratory methods. (Learn More)

Boat Education and Registration Intern

Assisting with the administrative and public outreach operations of the Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police by working with the Chief’s office, the boat registration and commercial licensing office and the boating education office. (Learn More)

Division of Parks and Recreation

Volunteer and Workforce Development Intern

Contribute to the evaluation and enhancement of workforce programs within Delaware State Parks, including internships, youth corps programs, work-based learning, volunteer hosts and apprenticeship programs. (Learn More)

Delaware State Parks Planning Intern

Work with the Planning section on the ongoing development of the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan. (Learn More)

Environmental Literacy and Youth Engagement Intern

Work with the State Parks Chief of Interpretation to support public programs and interpretive efforts across Delaware State Parks. (Learn More)

Volunteer and Community Engagement Intern

Help the Division of Parks and Recreation foster relationships between the park system, partner organizations and the local community. (Learn More)

Division of Watershed Stewardship

Online Course Content Quality Assurance Specialist Intern

Assist the Sediment and Stormwater Program in developing a virtual Certified Construction Reviewer (CCR) Course. (Learn More)

Stormwater Management Facility Maintenance Review Intern

Work with the Conservation Programs Section to gather, manage and report data on the condition of stormwater best management practices (BMPs) across state and federal sites in Delaware. (Learn More)

Division of Air Quality

Engineering Intern – Planning

Work with the Planning Section to gather, manage and report consumer products and mobile equipment repair and refinishing data. (Learn More)

Engineering Intern – Engineering and Compliance

Support the Engineering and Compliance Program to gather, manage and report data related to facilities that have an unknown air quality permit status. (Learn More)

Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy

Communications Intern

Help reorganize, update and edit content for the division’s webpages and assist in other communications projects. (Learn More)

Research Intern

Work with Coastal Section scientists on a project to categorize the benthic attached organisms (epibiota) on adult horseshoe crab carapaces and to use this information to develop a comprehensive guide of these organisms. (Learn More)

Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances

Planning Intern

Provide technical assistance with research, data analysis, project management and support for updating and implementing the Remediation Section’s strategic plan. (Learn More)

EPCRA Intern

Provide public engagement support to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) program, including in-person and virtual outreach, and helping to coordinate with Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs), community groups and citizen stakeholders. (Learn More)

Division of Water

Field Scientist Intern – Resource Protection

Work with staff from the Resource Protection Section to contact property owners and request permission to sample their wells, collect samples, analyze and record sample results and share the results with the property owners as part of the Division of Water’s Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Project. (Learn More)

Field Scientist Intern – Planning

Work with staff from the Commercial and Government Services Section to collect and manage location information to generate a map showing manufactured home communities throughout the State. (Learn More)

Field Scientist Intern – Environmental Laboratory

Work with staff from the Environmental Laboratory to perform chemical, biological and ecological analyses in wetlands, ponds, streams, rivers and estuaries throughout Delaware. (Learn More)

Data Scientist Intern

Work with staff from the Commercial and Government Services Section on environmental data collection, data entry and data storage for Division programs, with a primary focus on data quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC). (Learn More)

Research Scientist Intern

Work with staff from the Commercial and Government Services Section researching stormwater management capabilities of municipalities and other entities to assess water quality protections. (Learn More)

Permit Writing Intern

Work with staff from the Commercial and Government Services Section to review permit applications, construction plans and technical specifications, and calculations to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. (Learn More)

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