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The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is a large agency with multiple divisions overseeing permits and regulations, natural resources assessment and protection, and outdoor recreation opportunities. There’s a lot going on and many opportunities for public participation.

Part of the DNREC mission is to engage all stakeholders to ensure the wise management, conservation and enhancement of Delaware’s natural resources and to educate the public on historic, cultural and natural resource use, requirements and issues. DNREC provides regular outreach through a variety of channels. Here are the main ones you should know about.

Public Notices

Follow DNREC regulatory and permitting activity via regular public notices, published in newspapers and online.

Public Meetings

Learn about public meetings, events, training and education, and more on the DNREC calendar of events.

Public Hearings

Track DNREC public hearings which allow you to hear the details of specific regulatory and permitting matters and to submit comments.

The DNREC Newsroom

Read the latest news from the department. Subscribe to get DNREC headlines by email.

DNREC Social Media

Follow the main DNREC accounts on the major social channels — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and X (formerly Twitter). Find all DNREC social media accounts.

Email Newsletters

Join the DNREC Digital Newsletter for a monthly update, news headlines as they happen and Outdoor Delaware articles. Explore many other DNREC email lists.


DNREC News Releases

DNREC Public Notices

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