Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances

The DNREC Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances protects the environment and human health and safety.

The Division encourages waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. It ensures compliance with waste and hazardous substance management laws. The Division leads investigation and clean-up of contaminated sites. It regulates installation, operation, removal and remediation of tanks storing petroleum and hazardous substances. It ensures boilers and pressure vessels are inspected to prevent catastrophic failures. The Division provides comprehensive emergency planning and provides 24-hour response to emergency and non-emergency environmental and hazardous materials incidents. (Division Organizational Chart)

DNREC Emergency Response Line


Report environmental spills, violations of environmental laws and regulations, and other issues to DNREC.

Managing Wastes

The Division works with businesses, residents, and local governments to manage solid, hazardous and infectious wastes, encourage recycling, handle yard waste, and clean up scrap tires.


The Division works with facilities and communities to be aware of risk and avoid accidents and spills. It also responds to environmental emergencies when they happen.


The Division manages and assists with clean-up and restoration of chemical release sites, including brownfield and hazardous substances sites. It assists with voluntary cleanup and corrective actions.

Storage Tanks

The Division regulates installation and operation of underground and aboveground tanks. It helps respond to problems from leaking tanks and offers financial assistance to tank owners.

Boiler Safety

The Division oversees the construction, installation and repair of boilers and pressure vessels in Delaware. It provides education, inspection and regulatory oversight.

Watershed Approach to Toxics

Where toxic substances affect Delaware’s water resources DNREC works across multiple divisions, on a watershed scale, to address pollution problems caused by toxic substances.

PFAS in Delaware

DNREC and DHSS are working with federal agencies to protect the environment and public health in Delaware from the effects of a group of synthetic chemicals known as PFAS.

EQuIS Data Submittal

The Division uses an online system to collect, store and analyze data about facilities/sites that are the subject of regulatory, remediation or other management efforts.

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