Accidental Release Prevention

The DNREC Accidental Release Prevention (ARP) Program ensures that facilities that use Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) maintain Risk Management Plans (RMP).

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Anuj Kumar
Program Manager II
Prevention and Preparedness Section

Facilities regulated by the Accidental Release Prevention Program are required to submit and periodically update their Risk Management Plan Registration Form and are subject to annual fees determined by the program.

DNREC has created an online reporting system for Accidental Release Prevention Program users. It is designed to improve the efficiency of the reporting process and give quick access to updated Risk Management Plans.

The ARP/Tier II Reporting System allows users to submit their Risk Management Plans, various reports, fee payments and inspection follow-ups. The system is accessible using typical web browsers. No special software is needed.

ARP/Tier II annual administrative updates and the ARP fee are due by the first day of May each year.

Note: The Tier II Manager system database combines both ARP and EPCRA Reporting Systems. Both reporting systems can be accessed either by a shared EPCRA user or an independent ARP user, as applicable.

Training Materials

DNREC offered four workshops in September of 2022 to introduce the ARP/Tier II system.

Presentation Slides:

ARP/Tier II Reporting System Workshop Presentation

Presentation Videos:

Part 1: Introduction and New User Registration
Part 2: Facility Fee Reports via Annual Admin Update
Part 3: Other Reports (Regulatory, Correction, Resubmission, Deregistration)
Part 4: Inspection Reports

Federal Information

Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions (40 CFR 68)

Clean Air Act, Section 112r

EPA Risk Management Plan Page

State Information

Extremely Hazardous Substances Risk Management Act (7 Del.C. Ch. 77)

Accidental Release Prevention Regulation (DE Admin. Code 1201)

Risk Management Plan Registration Forms (WORD)