Boilers and Pressure Vessels

The primary objective of the DNREC Boiler Safety Program is to protect the public from unsafe boilers, pressure vessels. It does so by providing registration and inspections of boilers and pressure vessels under the state’s Boiler Safety Regulations.

The program, part of the DNREC Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances, ensures that boilers and pressure vessels meet state regulations and current American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards when manufactured and when repairs are made.

The program is charged with maintaining minimum standards of inspector competency and professionalism. It provides inspections of boilers and pressure vessels, maintains data on boilers and pressure vessels in Delaware, monitors complaints brought against inspectors and advises the department on the development of related rules and regulations.

Delaware has had a boiler safety program in place since 1919, when the Board of Boiler Rules was created. In 1972, the function was moved to the state’s Dept. of Public Safety. It was moved to DNREC in the early 2000s.

Open Data

Boiler Safety Program publishes a full list of active, inactive and scrapped boilers and pressure vessels found in the state of Delaware on the Delaware Open Data Portal.

Boiler Safety Forms

Send Forms To

Boiler Safety Program
391 Lukens Drive, New Castle, DE 19720
Fax: 302-395-2555

An Application for Examination is required for all new inspectors requesting commissions in Delaware. Applications must be notarized and accompanied by a copy of the inspector’s National Board working card and commission certificate. New inspectors must call 302-395-2500 to schedule a test date.

Boiler Installation Registration Form is required for any new boiler installation in Delaware. This form is completed by the installing contractor and submitted to Boiler Safety as soon as possible to schedule a boiler inspection with a National Board/Delaware Commissioned Inspector.

Contractor’s Operational Report (or a CSD-1 Operational Report) must be submitted by the contractor before obtaining an operating certificate.

Report of Inspection must be submitted to Boiler Safety by a an inspector commissioned by the National Board or by Delaware within 30 days of conducting an inspection.

Stationary Engineers License

The Boiler Safety Program has no jurisdiction over stationary engineers within the State of Delaware. The City of Wilmington has a Board of Examining Engineers that oversees the licensing of stationary engineers.

For more information, please contact the City of Wilmington Board of Examining Engineers.

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