Recycling for Business

Businesses can make a major contribution to recycling in Delaware. They can help their customers recycle and manage wastes, and they can structure their own business practices to take advantage of recycling opportunities and resources.

Starting or improving a recycling program in your business, not-for-profit, or institution may reduce your total waste collection costs. Waste haulers typically charge based on the size of your container (typically in cubic yards) and collection frequency, not how much trash is actually picked up.

Therefore, if you can reduce the trash container size, number of containers or collection frequency by recycling more of your waste, you may save money on your waste collection. The key is diverting as much material from your trash to recycling, as well as reducing the amount of trash and recyclables your organization generates in the first place.

The Basics

Common Questions about Commercial Recycling in Delaware

Commercial and Institutional Waste Generation and Recycling Collection Worksheet

Managing Used Aerosol Cans

Managing Fluorescent Lamps

Electronic Waste

Managing Scrap Tires

Multi-Family Residences

DNREC provides a toolkit for managers of multi-family residences to help them plan and implement recycling in their buildings.

Multi-family Residential Recycling Plan and Waste Generation and Recyclable Collection Worksheet

Program Announcement Template

Program Newsletter Template

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