Storage Tank Corrective Action

The Storage Tank Corrective Action Program oversees the cleanup of petroleum and chemical contamination at properties where a release has occurred from underground storage tanks (USTs) or aboveground storage tanks (ASTs).

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Laws and Regulations

Information regarding UST and AST release sites is available online using the Delaware Environmental Navigator (DEN). A request for information may be made through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Technical Guidance

Remediation and investigation activities are guided by the Delaware Risk-Based Corrective Action Program (DERBCAP), a risk-based clean up approach that assesses the human-health and environmental risks associated with petroleum and chemical impacts to soil and groundwater. If remediation is required, DERBCAP is used to develop clean up goals.

To assist consultants, responsible parties and the public through the investigation process, in addition to DERBCAP the Storage Tank Corrective Action Program offers the following guidance documents:

Residential Heating Fuel Tank Closure Assistance Program

The Residential Heating Fuel Tank Closure Assistance Program was created to perform the removal or closure-in-place of residential heating fuel underground storage tank systems of 1,100 gallons or less used to store fuel to heat the premises where they are located. The program is funded by the State of Delaware.

Environmental Investigation and Remediation Consultants

The DNREC Remediation Section maintains a list of environmental investigation and remediation consultants. This list is provided to the regulated community to help select an environmental consultant for the investigation and remediation of leaking underground and aboveground storage tank sites.

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