Solid and Hazardous Waste Transporter Permits

The transportation of non-hazardous solid waste (including scrap tires and infectious waste), and hazardous waste (including used oil), is subject to regulation in Delaware.

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Anyone transporting these wastes in, out, or through Delaware must first obtain a waste transporter permit from the Compliance and Permitting Section.

Subcontractors hired by another Delaware-permitted waste transporter must obtain their own permit prior to transporting in, out, or through the state.

Those working as contractors in response to discharges, spills, or releases of non-hazardous solid waste or hazardous waste must also obtain a waste transporter permit, unless no waste will be transported by the contractor as a result of a response.

Transporter Permit Applications

Complete the relevant waste transporter permit application below and submit it, along with applicable public notice and permit fees, to the Compliance and Permitting Section.

Transportation of Solid Waste

Transporters of non-hazardous solid waste such as residential, commercial, industrial, and dry wastes, asbestos waste, infectious waste and scrap tires must obtain a transporter permit as required by section 7 of the Regulations Governing Solid Waste (7 DE Admin. Code 1301).

Transportation of Hazardous Waste

Transporters of hazardous waste and used oil are subject to the requirements for transporters in Parts 263 and 279 of the Regulations Governing Hazardous Waste (7 DE Admin. Code 1302).