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Volunteers plant beach grass at Bowers Beach. In the foreground, a man leans on a pole while a woman digs a hole with her hands.

Hundreds of Coastal Guardians Unite to Strengthen Dunes Along Delaware Beaches

Every March for more than three decades, hundreds of volunteers have gathered at beaches along the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean to plant Cape American beach grass.

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A river is pictured with various grasses and plants growing from it. In the background, tall buildings, including an apartment complex, can be seen.

Ambitious DNREC Initiative Aims to Revitalize the Christina and Brandywine Rivers

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is working alongside partners to clean up the Christina and Brandywine rivers in an ambitious initiative known as CBR4.

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A big brown bat hibernates.

Winter Survival Strategies: A Closer Look at Hibernation in Delaware’s Animal Kingdom

Delaware doesn’t have many “true” hibernators, but it does have its share of critters that use long naps as a winter survival strategy.

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Portrait of a confident-looking young woman, posed with her arms crossed and gazing directly into the camera.


Every year on International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we’re proud to celebrate DNREC’s women scientists, engineers, biologists, directors and others in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Learn more about how some of them got started, their advice for girls and what they love about their work.

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A male scientist sits on a bucket on the deck of a boat processing water samples

Navigating the Depths: Inside the Delaware Bay’s Longest-Running Water Quality Monitoring Program

The Delaware Estuary Water Quality Monitoring Program, informally known as the boat run, is one of the longest-running water quality monitoring programs in the world.

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close up photo of a young deer surrounded by greenery.

Fawn-tastic! Playing Peek-A-Boo in the Brandywine Creek Watershed

An intimate moment with a white-tailed deer is captured by Delaware photographer Kimberly Barksdale.

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Photo of a modern-looking building

Eco-Friendly Triumph: Faithful Friends Secures DNREC Grant for Energy-Efficient Animal Center

With help from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Faithful Friends Animal Society has a new shelter in New Castle.

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Photo of wetland pool with winter trees around the edge.

All About Wetlands: Delaware’s Natural Filters

Want to learn more about wetlands, the natural filters of Delaware? Read all about them at Outdoor Delaware.

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nighttime photo of a masonry fort

Unveiling Delaware’s Dark Secrets: Exploring the Haunted Fort Delaware and Beyond

Are you looking for a haunting adventure? Come with us on a spine-tingling paranormal investigation at the haunted Fort Delaware.

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A couple hold pumpkins in the fall

What Do I Do With My Leftover Halloween Pumpkins?

Wondering what to do with your pumpkins after the season is over? Learn how to recycle them with these easy tips.

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A man and woman on accessibility scooters on a park trail

To Accessibility and Beyond

Part of our mission is providing quality outdoor recreation for all Delawareans. Learn about our commitment to accessibility and recent improvements.

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Closeup of a small crab under, but being protected by, a human foot.

Lewes Woman’s Crabtivating Photo Wins DNREC’s Ocean Photo Contest

Angela Flynn, winner of our Ocean Photo Contest, shares with Outdoor Delaware about her beach adventures and love of photography.

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View of a building on the state fair grounds, with a wooden portico.

DNREC Building Delights, Informs Tens of Thousands of Visitors at Delaware State Fair

Here’s what’s on offer at the DNREC building during the annual Delaware State Fair from July 20 through 29.

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A clearing in a woodland in the summer.

Exploring Delaware’s Open Spaces

Take a journey with us as we explore some of the unique properties acquired through the Delaware Open Space Program administered by the DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation and the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife.

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Artist's rendering of a heron, done in pastels.

Drawn to Herons: An Illustrated Story

Join DNREC designer Christy Shaffer as she takes us on an illustrated journey to discover the beauty of herons found in Delaware.

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A flooded residential street in a beach town.

Flooding – What You Can Do

Flood Awareness Week is May 15 through 19, 2023. Are you prepared for flooding?

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A group of men and women pose in a line, some holding shovels. They have been planting things.

Earth Day 2023

As we renew our commitment to our planet this Earth Day, we can be proud of the progress we are making toward reducing emissions by focusing on clean transportation, energy efficiency, clean energy, offsetting carbon emissions and more.

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A young couple walk hand in hand in a park.

Top Spots for Your Valentine’s Engagement

It’s estimated that more than 6 million couples will get engaged on Valentine’s Day. The prep work is a big deal – picking the ring, choosing the words, and finding the perfect spot. We can help with some great location ideas.

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Three turkeys, one adult and two juveniles, trot down a road on a misty day.

Turkeys Trot Into the Lead

A photo of three turkeys trotting down a misty country road took first prize in the 2022 Delaware Watersheds Photos Contest.

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Two men stand over a shark that has been pulled from the water briefly for study.

Sharks in Delaware Waters

If you’re swimming in Delaware waters, particularly in the ocean, you’re probably swimming near sharks. But they actually have more to fear from us than the other way around.

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A view of the top of a single tree with a bird perched on a branch.

At One With Nature: Delaware’s Nature Preserves

Looking for special summer getaways off the beaten path in Delaware? We highlighted three beautiful state Nature Preserves – one in each county.

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Close-up of a yellow-flowering plant.

Planting a Pollinator Garden – Dig In With Our Expert!

We all want to help bees and other pollinators that produce the food we eat. Planting a pollinator garden is a great way to do that. Our DNREC expert has some tips to help you dig in.

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A smiling child loads groceries, packed in reusable shopping bags, into the back of a car.

Attention Shoppers! Bring Your Own Bag Starting July 1

Got your reuseable bags? Starting July 1, you’ll need them when you go shopping.

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Two turtles sun themselves on a rock in the middle of water.

Operation Terrapin Rescue – Keeping Turtles Safe

The diamondback terrapins at Port Mahon in Kent County could use a hand during their upcoming nesting season. You can help.

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Two men, one the Governor of Delaware, poste with shovels next to a newly-planting tree.

Earth Day 2022 – The Time for Bold Action on Climate Change

For Earth Day, 2022, Gov. John Carney and DNREC Sec. Shawn M. Garvin wrote an article on the need to take bold action on climate change.

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Drawing of the planet earth encircled by musical notes.

The DNREC Earth Day Top 40

How about some musical inspiration for Earth Day? We asked our DNREC colleagues for their Earth Day song suggestions and we created an “Earth Day Top 40.”

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Close-up of a tick on human skin.

Tick-Tock – The Ticks are Waiting…

It’s that time of year – we’re spending more time outdoors hiking and biking, hunting and fishing, gardening in our backyards and enjoying picnics in our parks. It’s also the time for unwelcome visitors – of the tick variety. Ticks are uninvited hitchhikers that can cause us a great deal of trouble.

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A male scientist, seen from above with a clip-board, takes a reading from instruments outdoors.

PFAS – Fighting Forever Chemicals in Delaware

PFAS is short for a group of thousands of chemicals that are now found in Delaware’s water. Lean more about what DNREC and its partners are doing to fight these “forever chemicals.”

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View down the Atlantic ocean coast of Delaware, with dunes in the foreground, a stretch of beach, and a small city in the distance.

Nourishing Delaware’s Beaches

Our beaches and dunes need protection to prevent erosion especially after severe coastal storms. Learn how DNREC works to provide beach nourishment to Delaware’s shoreline.

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close-up of a reddish bird, standing among a group of other shorebirds.

Delaware’s Endangered Species: DNREC Keeps Today’s Wildlife from Becoming Tomorrow’s Memory

Delaware’s Endangered Species – there here are 86 animals on Delaware’s endangered species list, including the American kestrel, the northern long-eared bat and the barking tree frog. Learn more in Part 1 of a special two-part series.

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Close-up of a frog.

Delaware’s Endangered Species: What DNREC’s Doing to Help

The red knot, monarch butterfly and Delmarva fox squirrel are among the nearly 100 animals on Delaware’s endangered species list. Learn more about what DNREC is doing to ensure thriving wildlife diversity in Delaware.

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A woman in a winter coat, hat and gloves, seen from behind, is looking out across a wetland area through a pair of binoculars.

It’s a Big Year at DNERR

Calling all birders – experienced or not – to help the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve have a Big Year!

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Photo of a dish of meatballs

Good Eats from Nature’s Bounty

Looking for something different on your plate? We asked DNREC folks to share their most wildly delicious recipes for harvested game.

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A male deer, with antlers, seen from a slight distance. The buck is facing the camera and looking directly into the lens.

Hunters Against Hunger – A Season for Giving

The Delaware Hunters Against Hunger program is once again providing venison to people in need, an annual tradition during the holidays.

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A great blue heron swoops low over green water.

Great Blue Heron Steals the Show

A photo of the iconic great blue heron took first prize in the Watersheds Photos Contest, sponsored by the DNREC Division of Watershed Stewardship.

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Photo of a modern, blue recycling collection truck.

Delaware Recycles!

America Recycles Day, November 15, is a reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle. We have some tips to help you remember how to recycle right in Delaware.

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A whale is stranded on an ocean beach.

What We Do About Animal Strandings in Delaware

An endangered fin whale was spotted struggling in the waters of Cape Henlopen State Park. Both the Delaware Natural Resources Police and the Marine Education, Research & Rehabilitation Institute responded. Learn what happened and how we respond to animal strandings in Delaware.

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A scientist stands in a field of tall reeds, looking down at a clipboard.

Salt in Our Water — Saltwater Intrusion and Inundation in Delaware

“Ghost forests.” Salty-tasting well water. Saltwater intrusion is a growing issue in Delaware due to sea level rise and climate change. Here’s what DNREC is doing about it.

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A large white bird is seen partly hidden behind reeds at the edge of a waterbody.

Nature’s Beauty – the Tony Florio Woodland Beach Wildlife Area

Photo Contest Winners! See nature’s beauty at DNREC’s Aquatic Resources Education Center near Smyrna.

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A group people paddling red canoes down a waterway.

The Nitty-Gritty of the Estuary

As we mark National Estuaries Week on September 18, learn more about estuaries of Delaware – unique ecosystems that many people, plants and animals call home.

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A buck, seen from the side, in a field.

Hunters: What You Need to Know

Hunting season gets underway in Delaware on September 1. Get all the information you need to go afield.

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A bird is flies away from a pair of hands that has just released it.

Our Not So Secretive Marsh Birds

DNREC scientists are unlocking some of the mysteries of Delaware’s secretive marsh birds. Clapper rails, saltmarsh sparrows and other species are facing many challenges. How are they faring?

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A happy-looking dog reclines on a cushioned seat on a boat, wearing a canine personal flotation device.

How to Stay Safe on the Water

Delaware’s waterways are packed with boat traffic this summer. Here are some tips and requirements you need to know to stay safe and enjoy your nautical adventures in the First State.

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close-up of a snake coiled up in the grass.

Snakes to Watch Out For

There are 19 species of snakes slithering around Delaware. Which ones should you watch out for and what are the best ways to avoid them?

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Close-up of a mosquito on human skin.

How to Prevent Backyard Mosquitos

Bzzzzz ….. slap. Sound familiar? The whine of buzzing mosquitoes followed by swats (and maybe even expletives) is a tell-tale sign of summer in Delaware. There is plenty you can do in your own backyard to reduce the populations of these pests and our Mosquito Control Section has tips to share, along with the mosquitos to watch out for.

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a bushy-tailed squirrel sits on a tree branch.

On the Move – Delmarva Fox Squirrels in Delaware

Delmarva fox squirrels are rare in Delaware. Just because you haven’t seen one of these large, silver-gray, fluffy-tailed squirrels doesn’t mean you won’t – especially if you live in Sussex County. Our Division of Fish and Wildlife just moved 15 more into the area, as part of an ongoing translocation program.

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A group of lemurs in a zoo.

Meet the Lemurs (and More!) at The Brandywine Zoo

They have long striped tails, intense eyes and they’re full of antics. Meet the lemurs – and the other animals – at the Brandywine Zoo’s new Madagascar Exhibit.

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An adult bird of prey feeds two of its young in a nest.

Mother’s Day in Delaware Wetlands

It’s Mother’s Day and American Wetlands Month. We thought we’d combine the two to bring you one article about some of the moms who raise their young in Delaware’s marsh areas – osprey, spring peepers and muskrats.

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Photo of a mostly clear sky, seen past the edge of a green tree, with a few light clouds.

Breathing Easier – Delaware’s Air Quality Monitoring Network

The first week of May marks the beginning of Air Quality Awareness Week. DNREC ‘s Air Quality Monitoring Stations, located throughout the state, are helping us breathe easier.

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Closeup of a hand reaching out as a stream of water comes from a above to splash of it.

Our Planet, Our Responsibility

Most of us do the best we can to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling more, taking more public transportation, or using less electricity to heat and cool our homes. But what else can we do? Outdoor Delaware asked our experts for a list of the best ways we can help our planet.

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A bird with a red head and a black and white body sits on a branch.

Spring – It’s Bird TV

Now is a great time to grab your binoculars to witness the spectacle of the return of our migrant bird species throughout the state. Outdoor Delaware sat down with our staff birders to talk about spring birding and what makes it so special.

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A young girl poses with a fish she has just caught.

Four Tips for Fishing with Young Anglers

Fishing is a great activity for young people to jump-start interest in the natural environment. Our staff agree, there is no time like the present to encourage the next generation of environmental stewards.

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An open pit with dirty water in it.

The Transformers

You may not have heard about them, but there are brownfields all over Delaware. They’re neither pretty nor healthy. That is, until we step in to clean them up and make way for redevelopment.

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portrait of a proud-looking police dog.

K-9s – DNREC’s Natural Resources Police Superpower

They find lost children and suspects, sniff out illegal drugs and perform many other law enforcement tasks. But instead of two legs, they have four. They’re enforcement officers like any other with our Natural Resources Police.

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View of a low dam across a wide stream.

More Than a Drink of WATAR

Safer water for us, less flooding and shad returning to their spawning grounds in the Brandywine River. Our WATAR team is making it happen.

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An emergency manager sits in the cab of a large truck, speaking into a radio micrphone.

Answering the Call 24/7 – Our Emergency Response Team

Our Emergency Response Team is the state’s designated first responder for environmental emergencies. The team is on call 24/7 to respond to emergencies from oil spills to clandestine drug labs, chemical leaks, radiological incidents and many more that may occur.

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