Tank Management Documents

An alphabetical list of documents relating to tank management in Delaware.

Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Information

Agricultural/Farm – Approved Best Management Practices for ASTs less than 40,000 gallons

AST Activity Notification Form

AST Foreclosure Form Notice

AST Registration

Requirements for Agricultural/Farm ASTs

Requirements for ASTs containing Diesel, Kerosene, or Heating Fuel

Requirements for ASTs containing Regulated Substance other than Diesel, Kerosene or Heating Fuel

AST Sampling Guidance

ASTSWMO Information

Information from the Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO)

ASTSWMO Guide to Tank Insurance

ASTSWMO State Fund – Financial Responsibility Task Force

Certified Contractor and Consultant Information

Certified Consultant List

Certified Contractor Application for DE UST Certification for On-Site Supervisor (Class A)

Certified Contractor Application for DE UST Certification for Companies (Class B)

Certified Contractor Renewal Form for On-Site Supervisor (Class A)

Certified Contractor Renewal Form for Companies (Class B)

Certified Site Investigation and Remediation Consultants

Certified SIRB Laboratories

Certified Underground Storage Tank (UST) Contractors
Certified UST Installation Contractors
Certified UST Retrofit Contractors
Certified UST Closure Contractors

How to Find a Consultant (see also Certified Consultant List)

How to Get on the Consultant List

New UST Installation Submittal and Approval Checklist

Information from the EPA

USEPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks

List of Known Insurance Providers

Facility Files

Select scanned Facility Files are available through the Delaware Environmental Navigator

Hydrogeologic Investigation Guide and Risk-Based Corrective Action

Delaware Risk Based Corrective Action Guide

Hydrogeologic Investigation Guide

Residential Heating Fuel Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure Assistance Information

Residential Heating Fuel UST Closure Assistance

Residential Heating Fuel UST Closure Assistance Application

Residential Heating Fuel UST Closure Assistance Brochure


Regulations Governing Aboveground Storage Tank Systems (AST Regulations)

Regulations Governing Underground Storage Tank Systems (UST Regulations) — Amendments/Update published January 1, 2020

Regulations Governing the Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions (Vapor Recovery Regulations)

Regulations Governing Permits (Vapor Recovery Permit Regulations)

Regulations Order Form

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Information

SPCC Rule: 40 CFR Part 112

EPA SPCC Webpage

Streamlined SPCC Rules for Tier I and Tier II Qualified Facilities
The SPCC rule has streamlined requirements for facilities with smaller oil storage capacity – self-certification is now an optional alternative to Professional Engineer (PE) certification of the Plan. The owner or operator of a “qualified facility” can prepare and self-certify a SPCC Plan, rather than have a PE review and certify the Plan.

SPCC Rule for Agriculture

SPCC Facility Response Plan (FRP) Rule

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Financial Responsibility

UST Financial Responsibility Form C – Insurance Endorsement

UST Financial Responsibility Form D – Certificate of Insurance

UST Financial Responsibility Form R – Tank Schedule

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Sampling Requirements

Sampling Requirements Cathodic Protection Upgrades

Sampling Requirements Change in Service

Sampling Requirements Change in Substance Stored

Sampling Requirements Closure in Place

Sampling Requirements Removal

Sampling Requirements Retrofit

Underground Storage Tank (UST) System Operating Forms and Information

30-Day Inspection Record for Pressurized Piping Release Detection

30-Day Inspection Record for UST Release Detection

30-Day Routine Walk–Around Inspection Guidance

30-Day Inspection Record for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems

Closure Notification Form

Compliance Assistance Manual

Containment Sump (Tank Top and Dispenser) Test Report

Daily Inventory Worksheet (if required)

Foreclosure Form Notice

Manual Tank Gauging Record-Used Oil

Modified Inventory Record-Used Oil

Monthly Inventory Record Form (January to December) for all UST Systems except Used Oil, Emergency Generator and Heating Fuel UST systems (5, 6 or 7 days/week options available)

Over-excavation Requirements

Overfill Prevention and Daily Inventory Worksheet for Used Oil USTs (Used oil only)

Delaware Class A/B UST Operator Training Power Point.

Operator Training Certification Form

Ownership Transfer Notification (Regulated USTs)

Ownership Transfer Notification (Unregulated USTs)

Registration and Notification Form

Spill Containment Device (Spill Bucket) Test Report

UST Activity Notification Form for Retrofits, Repairs and UST Proximal Work

Vapor Recovery Information

Vapor Recovery Daily Inspection Form

Vapor Recovery Stage I EVR Monthly Inspection Form

Vapor Recovery Stage I EVR Permit Application

Vapor Recovery Testing Contractors

Vapor Recovery Testing Notification

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