Delaware Coastal Programs

The Coastal Programs Section of the Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy serves as the Department’s research, education, and policy lead for coastal and ocean issues. It helps manage Delaware’s federal coastal zone and balance the use and protection of its resources through the integrated efforts of the Delaware Coastal Management Program and Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve.

US Wind Project Federal Consistency Certification Comment Period
Federal Consistency Certifications for the US Wind Maryland Offshore Project have been submitted to the DNREC Coastal Management Program. Comments will be accepted through June 5, 2024. Federal consistency reviews help ensure that state and federal actions in Delaware’s Coastal Zone are consistent and coordinated. Find more information on these Federal Consistency Certifications, and information on how to submit comments, at

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Fishing boats docked along a coastal river

Delaware Coastal Management Program

Learn how Delaware preserves, protects, develops and enhances the state’s coastal resources and resolves conflicts related to coastal issues.

Aerial view of a marsh system with a river running through it to the Bay

National Estuarine Research Reserve

Explore Delaware’s natural laboratory for research, education, and coastal stewardship, part of a national network of 29 Reserves.

A woman collects data in a marsh

Applied Coastal Science

Learn how we are advancing our understanding of Delaware’s coastal and estuarine resources through science and monitoring.

Volunteers plant trees near a river

Conservation and Stewardship

Find information on conservation and stewardship efforts to protect and enhance Delaware’s coastal habitats.

Aerial view of houses along a bay beach

Planning and Training

Learn about planning assistance, training, and technical and educational resources for local governments, organizations and landowners.

People paddle canoes in a slow moving river

Education and Outreach

Discover how to get involved and explore educational, recreational, and volunteer opportunities all around Delaware’s coasts.

Ocean and Bay Plan

Looking for the Delaware Coastal Zone Act?

Find more about regulating heavy industry in the Coastal Zone on the Delaware Coastal Zone Act web pages.

Learn how states have a strong voice in federal agency decision making for activities that may affect their coastal uses or resources.

Find information and assistance from experts within the Coastal Programs office.

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