Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police

Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police

DNREC’s Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police officers protect wildlife and fisheries resources, promote boating education and safety, promote hunting and fishing, respond to boating emergencies and are a partner in Delaware’s Homeland Security maritime mission.

The Natural Resources Police oversee boating safety education in Delaware and take part in the annual Natural Resources Police Youth Academy.

Protecting and Serving in Delaware’s Outdoors

Hunting, Fishing, and Boating Violations


Text FWTIP to TIP411 (847411)

Non-Emergency Number:

Boating Accident Self-Report Form

Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police investigate hunting, fishing, and boating violations. They patrol Delaware waterways, state wildlife areas, and state-owned boating access areas, fishing ponds and piers.

Report these issues to the Natural Resources Police:

  • Hunting and boating accidents
  • Illegal hunting
  • Illegal fishing
  • Boating safety violations.

Poaching complaints can also be reported through Operation Game Theft.

DNREC offers a smartphone app to give the public an easy way to report environmental crimes and concerns. The Delaware Natural Resources Police (DENRP) Tip411 app also gives Natural Resources Police a tool to share important information with the public.

Stay Up to Date

Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police provide periodic news releases, on the Delaware News Server. And you can follow the Natural Resources Police on Facebook.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police value your opinion. Have you had contact with one of our officers? If so, please let us know about it. Your responses to this brief survey will help us serve you better in the future.

A Multi-Pronged Approach

Delaware’s Natural Resources Police employ a “LEAPS” philosophy:

Law: Enforce state laws that govern the protection of all fish, wildlife, natural resources and boating activities.

Education: Teach the public about the importance of boating and hunter safety and the ethical use of our natural resources.

Awareness: Create public awareness of the need to protect, appreciate, conserve and share our natural resources through various programs.

Protection: Respond to natural disasters and provide emergency response to all hunting, fishing, and boating accidents.

Safety: Ensure the safety of all citizens and visitors who access our State waterways and lands.