Hunter Education

The Delaware Hunter Education Program is committed to putting safe, ethical and educated hunters in the field. Since 1970, it has continued Delaware’s tradition of fair chase hunting by educating and developing responsible, involved, safe and knowledgeable hunters for the future of The First State.

Hunter Education Courses

Anyone born after January 1, 1967, must satisfactorily complete a basic hunter education course before obtaining a Delaware Hunting license.

The Hunter Education Program offers a variety of additional classes, when possible and appropriate.

Online Access

Use the Digital DNREC Hunter Education system to find and sign up for a hunter education courses, print hunter education certificates, and manage your profile.

Digital DNREC is a one-stop online portal for hunters, trappers, anglers and wildlife area users, including Hunter Education. Signing up for courses is easy and fast.

Read the Digital DNREC Hunter Education System User’s Guide to learn how you can use the new system.

Hunter Education Waiver

Delaware state law requires all basic hunter education students to participate in a live firing experience with a trained firearms instructor in order to successfully complete the course. State insurance rules require all participants in any course which includes live firing to sign a Release From Liability Waiver before taking part in live firing.

Things You Should Know

Tree Stand Safety

If you hunt from a tree stand, there are safety precautions you should take. Here are free resources to become a more knowledgeable and safe tree stand hunter.

Watch this short video on tree stand safety, then take a free, 15-minute online Tree Stand Safety Course.

Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to take a hunter education course. Classes are usually available somewhere in the state during every month of the year. If you plan to go hunting in the coming season and you need your hunter education certification in order to buy a license, check the latest online schedule today.

Hunters should preregister early. Class seating is limited and classes fill quickly as hunting season approaches.

Hunter safety/certification cards can be printed online within a few days after the course and must be presented when purchasing a Delaware Hunting License.

Certification will not be issued to children under 10 years of age. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

All course schedules are subject to cancellation or change without notice.

If you cannot attend a course you have signed up for, to please contact the Hunter Education Office at 302-735-3600 (ext.1) or remove yourself from the class using the Digital DNREC Hunter Education system .

Volunteer Instructors

A team of dedicated volunteer hunter/trapper instructors help prepare the next generation and other newcomers to hunting or trapping for a safe and enjoyable hunting future.

Master Hunters

The Delaware Master Hunter Program is for hunters with vast field experience afield, a love of hunting, complete hunter education, and a dedication to the principles of ethical, responsible, fair chase hunting.

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) is an educational program offering hands-on workshops to encourage and enhance participation in outdoor activities like hunting and shooting sports, fishing and boating, and non-harvest activities.

Guiding Principles

Safe and Ethical Hunters

  1. We recognize that above all else, the safety of hunters, trappers and the public in general is the highest obligation of our program.
  2. We recognize that education and knowledge in the field of hunting and trapping are critical to enable hunters and trappers to act in a responsible and publicly acceptable manner.
  3. We recognize that the skills and proficiency required for responsible hunting and trapping require continual maintenance and practice.
  4. We recognize that the continued personal involvement of hunters and trappers in all aspects of their craft is a prerequisite to recruitment and to carrying the tradition into the future.
  5. We recognize that good management and conservation practices and their appreciation are necessary to the long-term survival and well-being of our game, non-game and other natural resources.
  6. We recognize the importance of continuing education in keeping hunters aware of changes, new developments and issues effecting hunting in Delaware.
  7. We adhere to and support the goals and standards of the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA).