Delaware Master Hunter Program

The Delaware Master Hunter Program is not for beginners. Your hunting license was only the beginning. And you aren’t a beginner any more. In fact, you’ve been at this outdoors pursuit called hunting for a long time and have a wealth of experience to show for it.

It’s time you took the next step: Becoming a Delaware Master Hunter.

The Master Hunter Program is for you, a hunter with vast experience afield. You love hunting; when you aren’t hunting, you’re reading and thinking about it year-round. You are dedicated to the principles of ethical, responsible, fair chase hunting.

You’ve learned a lot over the years. You’d like to learn more.

You want to keep yourself up to date with the latest hunting developments, trends, tactics, skills and regulations. You realize that there is a lot more to learn about wildlife, wildlife management and the role of hunting in our modern society. You’d like to benefit from the opportunity to learn from your peers and share some of the things you’ve learned the hard way.

You’d like to help continue the heritage of hunting and insure its future for the coming generations. You’d value the personal satisfaction of being a Delaware Master Hunter, officially qualified, certified and recognized by the State of Delaware.

Does this sound like you?

Master HunterIf it does, please consider yourself an outstanding candidate for the Delaware Master Hunter Program. The next Master Hunter Program course will take place soon; please go to the Digital DNREC Hunter Education system to find a location near you. Advanced registration is required.

Download an application, or call 302-735-3600 x 1 and we’ll send one to you.

Here’s What’s Required

Before obtaining Delaware Master Hunter Certification, you are responsible for each of the following:

  1. Download, complete, and send in the application.
  2. Take the two-day Delaware Master Hunter Core Conservation Course and successfully pass the test.
  3. Complete and show proof of successful completion of a Basic Hunter Education Course in Delaware or another state. (Even if you are not required because of state regulations and your age)
  4. Complete at least two advanced hunter education courses such as an archery course, a handgun hunting for deer course, or a mandatory trapper or turkey course.
  5. Submit to a Criminal History Check showing a clean record. (Information on how to obtain the check will be provided by the Hunter Education Office).

When you have completed all five of these steps and have provided the information to the Hunter Education Office, you will be certified as a Delaware Master Hunter.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your documentation is provided to the Hunter Education Office.

After completing all steps, a certificate will be issued verifying your accomplishment and naming you as a Delaware Master Hunter. You will also receive a Delaware Master Hunter hat and emblem.

Your contact information will be sent to the volunteer managed hunt coordinator to be considered as a possible participant in future managed hunts.

Don’t forget to update your profile in the Digital DNREC Hunter Education system.