Delaware’s Public Freshwater Fishing Ponds

More than 30 Delaware freshwater lakes and ponds are open for fishing and other recreation. These impoundments, most of them managed by the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife, range in size from five to 189 acres. They support a variety of gamefish.

Find full information about each of these ponds using the Delaware Ponds Map, which includes detailed maps of each waterbody, including bathymetric data such as depth, flow, areas with prominent vegetation and surface area to help anglers plan fishing outings.

There are lists of fish species and their size distribution, information on the types of aquatic vegetation in each pond, and shoreline and boating access information.

Find a Fishing Pond

Small Ponds for Youth Angling

The Division of Fish and Wildlife also manages nine small ponds throughout the state for youth angling. These small ponds (ranging in size from a quarter acre to ten acres) are stocked with catchable size gamefish and have ample shoreline access. These ponds are “Catch and Release Only.” Barbless hooks are required.

Monitoring Fish Communities

The Division of Fish and Wildlife monitors fish communities in Delaware’s publicly accessible lakes and ponds on a cyclical schedule. Six to eight ponds are surveyed each year. The data help determine if fish communities are balanced and if management actions (stocking, culling, habitat improvements, or regulations) are needed to maintain satisfactory angling.

Information about the fish in each pond is collected using Electrofishing. An electrical unit that emits a low voltage electrical current is used to temporarily stun fish so that they can be measured and weighed before being released. Data from the Fish Community Survey (the number of fish caught per electrofishing hour) is published on the Delaware Open Data Portal.

Note: Boats must be operated at ‘No Wake’ speed on all of Delaware’s freshwater public ponds. Statewide creel, minimum size limits and seasons for freshwater species are listed in the latest issue of the Delaware Fishing Guide, available on-line, at bait and tackle stores and at various vendors throughout the state.