Largemouth Bass Tournaments

Largemouth Bass fishing tournaments are popular in Delaware’s public ponds and tidal rivers. Most events are held between April and November. Data collected during the tournaments is useful to biologists that manage bass populations.

Permits are required for Largemouth Bass tournaments held in any of Delaware’s public bodies of water regardless of the number of boats.

The Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) is arguably the most popular freshwater sportfish in Delaware. That’s no surprise, given the bass’ ability to put up a good fight with an angler, often leaping acrobatically out of the water as an angler hooks the fish. Largemouth Bass can also be relatively easy to catch by anglers of all experience levels if you understand their habits and know how to best present a lure or bait.

Most bass fishing groups encourage catch and release and implement measures to minimize stress to fish caught during tournaments. The Division of Fish and Wildlife considers Largemouth Bass populations a high priority and active management is necessary for maintaining a viable fishery.

Bass anglers provide catch data through the Division’s tournament reporting program and have been supportive of management efforts by donating resources and service to improve habitat or aid with stocking. Cooperative stewardship efforts such as these are important if Delaware’s bass populations are to continue providing great fishing opportunities for all the state’s anglers.