Report a Tagged Largemouth Bass

The Division of Fish and Wildlife monitors largemouth bass in Delaware rivers to help maintain a sustainable bass population and provide recreational fishing opportunities. Reports from anglers about the tagged bass they catch are an important part of the effort.

Bass are tagged when the Division conducts fish surveys in the fall. Biologists collect data on how many fish are in the rivers, where they are, and how healthy they are. As tagged fish are caught and reported, information about angler activities (when they fish, do they fish from boats or the shore, how often do they catch and release, etc.) is added, along with information about the fish they caught, provided by the anglers themselves. This collection of information helps the state plan habitat restoration, fish-stocking, regulation updates, and more.

Largemouth Bass, with a Tag


Tell us about yourself

Tell us about the fish you caught and where you caught it

Tell us about your fishing experience

Thank you for helping us with our research

Anglers that report catching a tagged bass receive information about the bass (length, weight, date it was tagged, tagging location) and a specially designed t-shirt available only to anglers participating in the program.

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