Managed Hunts

Managed or controlled hunting is a highly organized effort to reduce the local deer population in urban areas.

BuckHunters must apply and are selected for these hunts. Information on participating in managed hunts is available on the Master Hunter Program page.

During the hunt, hunters have specified treestand locations and shooting directions and are not allowed to move from their location unless permission has been granted by a hunt coordinator.

Managed hunts often occur outside the regular hunting seasons and deer taken do not count against the hunters’ regular bag limit.

Currently, managed hunts are coordinated by both the Division of Fish and Wildlife and the Division of Parks and Recreation on county owned and State Park lands, respectively.

These hunts are strictly controlled and remain a safe, effective method of reducing the local deer herd. As with all of the lethal deer management techniques, emphasis is placed on removing antlerless deer. The Division of Fish and Wildlife can guide corporations, government facilities or parks and residential communities in the processes required to have a managed hunt.