Reporting Tick Interactions

Knowing what species of tick has attached to you, a family member, or a pet will help determine whether you may be at risk for a tick-borne disease.

Note: The state of Delaware does not provide tick pathogen testing services.

Ticks can carry disease and transmit it while feeding. Most tick bites do not result in disease. Still, it’s wise to watch for any symptoms of tick-related diseases.

Use the form below to tell when and where you had an interaction with a tick. Please fill the form out as completely as possible, so we can get back to you with useful information.

Photo Examples

We need to know how to get in touch with you, where you were when you ran into the tick, whether or not it attached (was biting), and any other details you can remember.

Can you add a photo of the tick? A view of the top of the tick is most helpful as in these two examples.

(Note: Photo uploads must be less than 9mb in size)