Delaware Whitetail Deer Records

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife maintains records of the top hunter-taken whitetail deer in Delaware, using the Boone and Crockett scoring system. The records include whitetails taken in any year.

There are records lists for both typical and non-typical whitetail deer. They are presented as all-time records and records for different categories of harvests, including different types of firearms and archery records.

Whitetail deer bucks are classified as “typical” or “non-typical” based on the configuration of their antlers. Typical deer have antlers that look “normal.” They are symmetrical, have the same number of points on each side, and all pointing up. Non-typical deer have odd-looking racks. There may be different numbers of points on each side, tips pointing out or down, or there may be points with more points growing from them.

Scoring and Eligibility

Antlers cannot be scored until at least 60 days have passed since the deer was harvested. Scoring can be performed by DNREC staff or by official measurers from the national organizations whose scoring standards are used for different types of records. These are the Pope and Young Club, The Longhunter Society and the Boone and Crocket Club.

Scoring is based on measurements of several aspects of a rack of antlers, including the spread of the rack, the length of each side, the numbers of points on each side and their relationships to each other (symmetry). Scoring for non-typical can be more complex, given the complexity of non-typical racks.

Eligibility is based on minimum scores for typical and non-typical whitetail deer:

Type Scoring Typical Non-Typical
Archery (Not including crossbow) Pope and Young 125 155
Muzzleloader or Handgun Longhunter Society 130 160
All legal harvesting methods Boone and Crocket 170 195

Have Your Deer Scored

The division is interested in Delaware whitetails taken in any year. To have your deer scored by DNREC staff, please call 302-735-3600 to schedule an appointment.

The division will also accept submissions for deer scored by an official measurer of Pope and Young, the Longhunter Society, or Boone and Crocket.

If the deer meets the minimums described above, hunters can submit a copy of their score sheet for inclusion in the records. Having a deer scored does not automatically mean your score will be reported to DNREC.