Sunday Deer Hunting

State law allows Sunday deer hunting during established deer hunting seasons on private lands, with landowner permission, and on designated publicly-owned lands.

Delaware’s deer seasons fall between the start of September and the end of the following January. Hunting on Sundays is allowed using those methods legal for the hunting seasons in effect on each Sunday. Deer hunting seasons are listed in the Delaware Hunting and Trapping Guide.

Sunday deer hunting is permitted during the regular deer hunting hours of one-half hour before sunrise until one-half hour after sunset.

Public Lands Open to Sunday Deer Hunting

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife, based on public input and the recommendation of the Advisory Council on Wildlife and Freshwater Fish, provides Sunday deer hunting opportunities on all state wildlife areas during the regular deer hunting seasons.

All state wildlife areas are open for Sunday hunting during archery/crossbow deer hunting seasons. Portions of the wildlife areas listed below are closed to Sunday deer hunting using firearms on all or certain Sundays. Sunday deer hunting information is included on the maps below and on the new online wildlife area maps.

New Castle County

Kent County

Sussex County

Copies of these maps, and additional information, are available from the Wildlife Section at 302-739-9912.