Horseshoe Crab Education Resources for Teachers

Each spring during May and June, the ancient, amazing and globally significant ritual of horseshoe crab spawning and mass shorebird migration brings visitors from around the world to our Delaware Bayshore backyards. The Division of Fish and Wildlife offers a variety of resources to support teachers who are educating about this phenomenon.

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Aquatic Resources Education Center

Field Trip Facilities

During the peak of horseshoe crab spawning season, many groups use the Aquatic Resources Education Center near Smyrna as a base for viewing the spectacle on nearby Delaware Bay beaches.

For a bayside window on exploring and learning about the Delaware Bay horseshoe crab/shorebird connection, visit the DuPont Nature Center near Slaughter Beach.

Green Eggs and Sand

Horseshoe Crabs on a BeachGreen Eggs and Sand is an innovative workshop experience and set of curriculum modules designed to explore the Atlantic Coast horseshoe crab/shorebird phenomenon and management controversy.

Green Eggs and Sand Overview

Other Educational Resources

An Interpretive Guide to Horseshoe Crab Anatomy

The Crab Grab Game

A list of 12 Things to do with Students on a Horseshoe Crab Field Trip