Become a Shorebird Project Volunteer

Spring brings the shorebird migration season. DNREC’s Delaware Shorebird Project needs experienced and dedicated volunteers for the field season each spring.

To apply, please fill out the Volunteer Information Form. New applicants should include a letter of interest briefly describing their experience and what they hope to gain by volunteering.

Experience and Duration

The Project needs volunteers with experience in bird capture, handling and banding, avian surveys and data collection. Less-experienced volunteers can be trained. Those who can commit to extended participation quickly gain the necessary experience to contribute to all aspects of the fieldwork.

Volunteers must contribute at least three days of service during the field season. The Project team works seven days a week. There is always something for volunteers to do.

Volunteers must be able to withstand possible long days outside with heat, cold and biting insects.

A group of shorebird project volunteers seen at the beach, some in a boat, some on shore, all smiling and waving at the camera.
Photo by Henrietta Bellman

In the Field

Volunteers work with a wonderful team of scientists and volunteers from across the U.S. and around the globe.

Field activities vary by day. One day volunteers may assist with banding. The next they may do surveys for marked birds. Or they may be asked to help with equipment and supplies.


We ask all volunteers (including returning individuals) to complete the training modules below. We update these regularly so it is important to review the current information.