Environmental Reviews

The Species Conservation and Research Program (SCRP) continuously updates information on rare plant and animal species and vegetation communities in Delaware. The SCRP is the state’s most comprehensive, centralized source of information on rare plants, animals, and vegetation communities.

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Environmental Review Coordinator
6180 Hay Point Landing Road
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Information compiled on species and vegetation communities comes from a wide range of sources including publications, museum and herbarium collections, fieldwork, and coordination with many partner scientists who share information on the status of the plants and animals that occur in the state.

Species and vegetation community information is updated and improved as new data are obtained.

This information is used by research scientists, conservation organizations, consulting firms and agencies to plan for the conservation of habitat for rare species and vegetation communities.

Request an Environmental Review

When applicable, please include:

Tax parcel ID, address, GPS coordinates or other location information

Limit of disturbance (include access and staging areas)

Acres of tree clearing

Acres of wetland impacts (permanent and temporary)

In-water work

Removal of existing structures

Plantings (including species list)

Long-term maintenance requirements

Use of loud or percussive machinery

Hydrological changes

Information requests should be submitted on letterhead and should include a full description/scope of work of the proposed project and maps that clearly delineate the boundaries and limits of disturbance where the work is to occur.

When applicable, please also provide the information listed here along with any other information needed to help the reviewer understand the project location and scope of work.

In order to recover the costs of reviewing your project, you will be charged $35 per hour (one-hour minimum). In your letter, please state that you are aware of our cost recovery process and provide an email address where the review should be submitted.

Information requests can be submitted via email (preferred) or the address above. Requests are processed in the order they are received. A response is typically provided within 30 days; however, turnaround times may vary depending on project size and workload.