Request a No-Spray Zone

The Delaware Mosquito Control Section accepts applications for No-Spray Zones in which mosquito control adulticides will not be applied in the immediate or close vicinity of your residence.


Glasgow Office
(New Castle County and northern Kent County, including Dover)
Tom Moran, Environmental Program Manager II

Milford Office
(Sussex County and southern Kent County)
Kenneth Conaway, Environmental Program Manager II

Request a No-Spray Zone
Note: Applications are only accepted for properties located outside of incorporated municipalities. No-Spray Zone requests for properties within incorporated cities or towns should be directed to the municipal government.

Consideration and possible granting of No-Spray Zone status applies only to concerns for significant human health problems, or substantial medical complications, possibly associated with exposures to mosquito control adulticides. Such problems or complications are quite rare but can occur for some hyper-chemosensitive individuals. They may be exacerbated if there are also other underlying medical issues. Part of the request application includes provision of medical documentation from a physician attesting to a significant health need for such spray exclusion. Failure to include this documentation will prevent individuals from consideration for a possible No-Spray Zone.

The Mosquito Control Section also notes that granting a No-Spray Zone to any individual will probably also have corollary impact of precluding some or even many nearby properties and neighbors from receiving needed mosquito relief services, due to the wide-area nature of spray drift for mosquito adulticide products.

Also note that No-Spray Zones are not considered or granted by the Mosquito Control Section for reasons such as beekeeping, organic gardens, wildlife species of special concern, etc., whereby other approaches might be used to try to deal with these types of adulticide exposure concerns.

If you intend to apply for a No-Spray Zone, please complete the application form and return it (along with the physician’s medical documentation and the list of adjacent properties, both of which are part of this form) to the address indicated on the form. You will be notified of Mosquito Control’s decision within several weeks of DNREC’s receipt of a complete application.

Trumpet EC (naled) is currently used in aerial adulticide applications. Anvil 10+10 (sumithrin, a synthetic pyrethroid) is currently used in ground (fog truck) applications.

Please be advised that a separate No-Spray Zone request must be submitted each calendar year. To avoid early-season spraying, requests should be submitted by March 1.