About the Division of Fish and Wildlife

We Bring You Delaware’s Great Outdoors
through Science and Service


Division of Fish & WildlifeWhat We Do

Manage the state’s fish and wildlife resources.

Enforce laws and regulations designed to protect and conserve these resources.

Provide hunter and boater safety education programs.

Provide environmental education programs and public outreach.

Control mosquitoes in Delaware.

Our Mission

Since 1911, the Division of Fish and Wildlife has worked to conserve and manage Delaware’s fish and wildlife resources, provide safe and enjoyable fishing, hunting, and boating opportunities to citizens and visitors, and improve the public’s understanding and interest in the state’s fish and wildlife resources through information and outreach programs. The Division’s goal is to manage and provide access to the lands with which the Division is entrusted for public use and enjoyment.

Our Values

Division of Fish and Wildlife programs are developed and administered to serve the interests of all of the people of Delaware. We work with all segments of our constituencies to identify their needs and interests in fish and wildlife resources. Effective communication with the public is essential for the Division of Fish and Wildlife to manage the state’s fish and wildlife resources responsibly and with accountability. We advocate the humane use of fish and wildlife through observation and study, and promote humane hunting, fishing and trapping practices to ensure the continued existence of all species.

Our Priorities


The Division of Fish and Wildlife works to administer its programs and activities effectively and efficiently. Our funding is used to promote the highest return on the investment of state, federal and constituent based fees and funds. Our administrative and management framework is specifically designed to facilitate the Division’s complex and interrelated programs, projects and activities, while ensuring compliance with state and federal programmatic, financial and accounting practices and procedures. The development of policy and the documentation of program accomplishments provide the basis for evaluating the success of Division programs.

Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Logo

Your purchase of hunting and fishing equipment, and boat fuel, supports wildlife and sport fish restoration and boating access in Delaware.

Applied Habitat Research, Management and Restoration

The Division of Fish and Wildlife is committed to promoting and practicing the conservation of biological diversity by protecting against the unnecessary threat to or extinction of living species. The Division conducts research, and develops and implements policies that contribute to the maintenance, enhancement, restoration and management of natural habitats. Our habitat management practices benefit many fish and wildlife species and control undesirable species like mosquitoes or invasive vegetation that degrades wildlife and fisheries habitats.

Species Research, Monitoring and Management

The Division of Fish and Wildlife promotes the understanding of fish and wildlife stocks and populations through species-specific research and monitoring programs. We recognize the diversity of our fisheries and wildlife constituencies and strive to actively involve these groups in policy development and public decision-making processes. The Division works to balance human concerns with the need to prevent over-harvesting and exploitation of species to maintain and, if necessary, rebuild species stocks and populations to sustainable levels for both commercial and recreational users. The Division of Fish and Wildlife also works to provide Delaware’s citizens and visitors with an environment that minimizes nuisance and health impacts from pest species, as well as undesirable or invasive vegetation, in an environmentally-sensitive manner.


The Division of Fish and Wildlife provides public safety services in the areas of boating, hunting, fishing, shell fishing and disaster response. The intent of these programs is to protect the public’s safety, as well as that of the states’ wildlife, finfish, shellfish, non-game and endangered species, including marine mammals, within the state’s lands and waters.

Education and Training

The Division of Fish and Wildlife administers education and training programs to improve awareness, appreciation and conservation of Delaware’s natural resources. Through coordinated programs like hunter education, aquatic resource education and boating safety, our objective is to encourage sportsmanship, instill an environmental ethic and promote public safety among Delaware’s citizens.

Acquisition, Facilities Development and Construction

The Division of Fish and Wildlife develops and maintains public areas and facilities to ensure access to Delaware’s natural resources. Our intent is to provide public hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing areas and boating access sites that are environmentally-sensitive, modern, safe, clean and convenient so that Delaware’s natural resources are available to all.