Zero Emission Vehicle Credits for Manufacturers

Starting with model year 2027, automobile manufacturers will be required to include a specified percentage of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in the fleet of cars they provide for sale in Delaware. Manufacturers who exceed the percentage targets may receive credits that they can use to offset future year requirements. Manufacturers can also earn credits during the years leading up to model year 2027, using a ZEV credit bank through the DNREC Division of Air Quality.

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James Coverdale
Div. of Air Quality

The state of Delaware adopted the Delaware Advance Clean Cars regulation in December of 2023 to help address climate change and protect the health of Delawareans.

The amendments to the Delaware Low Emission Vehicle Program regulations (7 DE Admin. Code 1140) include low emission vehicle standards for particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, non-methane organic gases and greenhouse gases, and a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) standard. Battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are considered ZEVs.

Populating the ZEV Credit Bank

Manufacturers may choose to earn early action credits for the ZEVs they deliver for sale in Delaware, starting with model year 2023. Manufacturers must report their ZEV deliveries for a model year to the DNREC Division of Air Quality by May 1 of the following calendar year.

The Division of Air Quality will allow trading of early-action credits only after they are reported and have been certified.

Submitting Data

To establish an initial ZEV credit bank, manufacturers must submit data on ZEV deliveries using the reporting EXCEL workbook developed by the Division of Air Quality. The workbook is designed to align with what reporting manufacturers are already doing in California and other Section 177 states.

The completed, and unlocked workbooks should be submitted, by email, to the division at

Key Dates

May 1, 2024 is the deadline to submit data for model year 2023.

May 1, 2025 is the deadline to submit data for model year 2024.

May 1, 2026 is the deadline to submit data for model year 2025.

Model year 2027 will be the first effective model year for the Delaware Advance Clean Car regulations.