Regulation 1102 Permit Fees

Following is a list of fees for applications to the Division of Air Quality for Regulation 1102 construction and operating permits.

The Division of Air Quality is working with the regulated community on a proposal to increase fees for Natural Minor (Regulation 1102) permits. Learn More

Permit applications should be mailed to the Division of Air Quality, along with required permit fees. All checks should be made payable to: State of Delaware.


Fuel Burning Equipment Construction Operating
Over 10 mmBTU/hr to 100 mmBTU/hr and Crematories $165 $75
Over 100 mmBTU/hr to 150 mmBTU/hr $390 $75
Over 250 mmBTU/hr $1,290 $1,200
Waste Oil $170 $80
Process Equipment Construction Operating
Maximum Allowable Emissions less than or equal to 10 tons per year per unit $215 $125
Maximum Allowable Emissions greater than 10 tons per year
(Additional fee per each ton over 10)
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Systems Construction Operating
Gasoline Dispensing Facility $120 $75
Delivery Vessel $50
Bulk Gasoline Terminal Vapor Recovery Unit $50
Storage Vessel, over 2,000 gallons capacity, and containing material with a true vapor pressure of more than 1.0 psia at 100°F.
(This definition shall not apply to storage vessels at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities and Bulk Gasoline Terminals)
$150 $60
Dry Cleaning Facility $265 $175
Waste Water Separator, each $170 $80
Degreaser, open-top, conveyorized $180 $90
Incinerator $490 $400
Other Construction
Water Tank Sandblasting $215
Temporary Emergency Variance $1,000
Variance $5,000
Advertising Fee $325
Amendment(s) to Permits or Variances $175