Smaller Sources of Air Pollution

Smaller sources of air pollution are known as “Area Sources.” Unlike large, very obvious, single sources of pollution, like industrial smokestacks, Area Sources are smaller activities by businesses or facilities that, when measured across a group of sites, can accumulate to large amounts of pollution impacting Delaware’s air quality.

The Division of Air Quality is working with the regulated community on a proposal to increase fees for Natural Minor (Regulation 1102) permits. Learn More

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Area Source Compliance Manager

The amount of pollution regulated as an “Area Source” begins at two-tenths of a pound per day and is limited to less than 10 to 25 tons per year before being considered a major source of pollution.

Permitting and registration, where required, are accomplished using the Digital DNREC ePermitting system which offers online applications for licenses and permits throughout the department. It allows users to manage their own portfolio of licenses and permits.

Area Source Requirements

The Area Source Program has differing requirements and forms for different industries and businesses.