Clean Power Plan Meetings

In 2015, the EPA set the first-ever carbon pollution limits for existing power plants. The rules, known as the Clean Power Plan, were issued under the Clean Air Act. Between 2014, when the Plan was just a proposal, then and 2018, when the EPA reversed itself and rescinded those rules, DNREC worked with residents and business leaders on a proposed Delaware Clean Power Plan.


Valerie Gray
Division of Air Quality

Responding to the EPA

In response to the EPA decision to rescind the Clean Power Plan, Delaware has held public meetings to inform the public and gather public comments on the EPA’s actions.

January 8, 2018

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control held a public meeting and listening session January 8, 2018, in Wilmington, to gather comments on the EPA’s proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan. More than 100 people attended. Thirty one members of the public, as well as Governor John Carney and Senator Tom Carper, spoke. The state submitted a transcript of the meeting, including the oral testimony, to the EPA docket.

October 11, 2018

DNREC held a public meeting Oct. 11, 2018 at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington to allow Delawareans and as well as citizens from other East Coast states to comment on the EPA’s proposal to replace the federal Clean Power Plan (CPP) that would reduce carbon pollution generated by power plants in the United States.

Affordable Clean Energy Fact Sheet
Instructions for submitting comments to the EPA Docket
EPA’s Proposed Affordable Clean Energy Rule
List of Attendees
Listening Session Transcript
Governor Carney’s Letter to the EPA

Drafting Delaware’s Clean Power Plan

Under the original EPA Clean Power Plan, states were required to develop plans that ensure they achieve the carbon pollution reduction goals. Initial state plans were due in September 2016 and, with an extension, final plans were due in September 2018.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control held a series of listening sessions, workshops and meetings on the idea. These sessions helped the Department plan for a response to the federal rule and they helped the state work with the RGGI to update the state greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program.

November 2014: Listening Session

DNREC held an informal listening session on November 5, 2104, on the EPA’s proposed plan to cut carbon emissions (greenhouse gases) from existing power plants that generate electricity from fossil fuels.  The listening session enabled DNREC to meet with the public and informally gather comments on EPA’s proposed carbon reduction plan. Prior to taking any formal action, DNREC sought input from the public on the best way for Delaware to implement EPA’s plan as currently proposed.

The Department made a presentation at the meeting, had a transcript made of the proceedings, and submitted formal comments to the EPA in December of 2014.

Public Comments

November 2015: Listening Session

DNREC held an informal listening session on November 10, 2015, to hear from Delawareans as the Department prepared to develop its plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. The Department made a presentation, shared a Fact Sheet and a list of Questions for Stakeholders, kept a list of attendees, and had a transcript made of the meeting.

In addition to the listening session, the Department accepted comments through December 31, 2015.

Public Comments

Calpine Corporation
City of Wilmington Council Member-at-large (Maria Cabrera)
Delaware League of Women Voters
MidAtlantic Renewable Energy Coalition (MAREC)
Imani Energy
Interfaith Power and Light
New Castle County Congregations of Delaware Interfaith Power and Light

March 2016: Public Workshop and Listening Session

DNREC held a workshop and listening session on March 1, 2016, to inform and hear from Delawareans (List of Attendees) as the Department continued to prepare its plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. DNREC presented an outline of approach to meet the federal Clean Power Plan requirements, gave an update on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Delaware, discussed the 2016 RGGI Program Review, and solicited comments on all aspects of the state’s approach in preparing for the Clean Power Plan.

Public Comments

“Joint Stakeholder Comments”
Caesar Rodney Institute – Plan B
Alliance for Industrial Efficiency
Sierra Club email – Mark Kresowik (Attachment: RGGI 2.0)

September 2016: Community Engagement Sessions

DNREC scheduled a series of local community workshops to reach out to Delaware residents living near power plants, community-based organizations, environmental groups and the public to inform them about plans to reduce carbon pollution from local power plants. The community events were planned to serve as a platform to assess the needs of each community, and for the Department to receive feedback on ways to maximize carbon reductions by improving energy efficiency in our homes and businesses.

One meeting was scheduled in each county:

  • In Sussex County, September 27, at the Millsboro Senior Center, on Irons Avenue, in Millsboro.
  • In Kent County, September 28, at the Dover Library, on Loockerman Plaza, in Dover.
  • In New Castle County, September 29, at the Bellevue Community Center, on Duncan Road, in Wilmington. This meeting was cancelled.