Delaware Wetlands

The DNREC Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Program, known as Delaware Wetlands, provides quality reports on the status, health and function of Delaware’s wetlands. It collaborates with other government agencies, businesses, non-profits and universities to further wetland research.

A “wetland” is an area of land that is wet during the growing season. A true wetland has three characteristics: wetland plants, wetland soils, and evidence of water at or near the surface.

Wetlands cover nearly 25 percent of Delaware; there are both tidal and non-tidal wetlands in the First State.

Wetlands provide many important services to humans and the environment. They improve water quality. They provide habitat for fish, wildlife and rare plants. They protect us from flooding and storm damage. And they provide open space on the landscape.

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Conservation Partners

DNREC works in coordinated effort to share funding and information with other Delaware conservation agencies and organizations. These partnerships have helped to further our wetland research, protection, restoration and education initiatives.