Drainage Programs

The Drainage Programs work with landowners, tax ditch organizations and federal, state and local agencies to improve drainage, stormwater management and water quality in Delaware.

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Drainage Program

Report Drainage Concerns

The Drainage Programs manage regulatory and non-regulatory programs, including educational programs, technical assistance, permitting and certification and training programs.

DNREC offers a model drainage code for use by municipal governments in Delaware.

Drainage Assistance

DNREC has established a central telephone number and email address to report drainage and stormwater concerns such as ​excess stormwater runoff, standing water, stream bank erosion, beaver dams, stormwater pond ​and tax ditch ​concerns, and more.

Several state and local agencies, including DNREC, DelDOT, conservation districts and municipal public works programs can help resolve drainage and flooding related problems.

Wetland And Channel Restoration

The Drainage Program is responsible for multiple wetland and stream restoration projects, resulting in approximately 180 acres of total restoration and habitat creation.

Restoration projects have included projects at schools, in the backyards of private landowners, on marginal agricultural fields, and along Tax Ditches.

Tax Ditch Assistance

DNREC provides administrative and technical assistance to support tax ditch organizations, and their landowner members in their work to maintain Delaware’s 2,000 miles of tax ditches that provide drainage and flood control in both agricultural and urban areas.

Studies and Reports

Oak Orchard Drainage Study (URS Corp.)

Bay Beach Drainage Report

Bay Beach Drainage Report By Community