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Notice of Public Hearing: Weatherization Assistance Program – Energy Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Grant

The Division of Climate, Coastal, and Energy will hold a public hearing to take comments on a $10 million grant from the US Dept. of Energy for the DNREC Weatherization Assistance Program.

Low- to Moderate-Income Solar Pilot Program

The DNREC Low- to Moderate-Income (LMI) Solar Pilot Program is meant to bring renewable energy to a segment of the Delaware population that has historically been underserved by existing state programs and incentives. Grant funding is available to promote the use of renewable energy in Delaware for low-

Find Your Drainage Basin Location

Enter an address or click in the map to learn which of the four drainage basins in the state of Delaware your proposed Community Environmental Project Fund project is located in.

Drainage Concern Reporting Form

You can get advice or technical assistance with drainage issues on your property. The first step is reporting the issue, using the form below. What is your name? How can we contact you?  

I Am in Local Government

The Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy provides programs and assistance for local governments in Delaware. Find information on grants, rebates and sustainability help for local government.
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I Am a Resident of Delaware

The Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy provides programs and assistance for residents and property owners. Find information on grants, rebates and programs for residents.
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I Am a Business Owner

The Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy provides programs and assistance for business owners. Find information on grants, rebates and programs for businesses.
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Landowner Protection Options

Approximately 45 percent of all wetlands in the state are located on privately owned lands, with the remaining wetlands found on both state and federal lands. With nearly half of Delaware’s wetlands found on private lands it is important for landowners to recognize the benefits wetlands provide and work towards conserving and preserving them.

Public Hearing: Proposed 2021 Weatherization Assistance Program Grant Application

The DNREC Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy will conduct a virtual public hearing on the proposed Weatherization Assistance Program 2021 grant application.

Drainage and Stormwater Assistance

Each year thousands of Delawareans express concerns about drainage and stormwater. In many cases, residents don’t know who to contact if they have a problem. Several state and local agencies, including DNREC, DelDOT, conservation districts and municipal public works programs can help resolve drainage and flooding related problems.

Drainage Programs

The Drainage Programs work with landowners, tax ditch organizations and federal, state and local agencies to improve drainage, stormwater management and water quality in Delaware.

Contact Us

Drainage Program 302-855-1930 Report Drainage Concerns 302-855-1955

Do-it-Yourself Phragmites Control Tips

The Division of Fish and Wildlife offers a phragmites control cost-share program to help landowners control larger stands of phragmites. There are steps landowners can take themselves to control smaller areas of phragmites. Herbicides That Can be Used
Sources for Aquatic Glyphosate

Cost Share Program Questions and Answers

A list of frequently asked questions, and answers, about the phragmites control cost-share program offered by the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Contact Us

James Joachimowski Impoundment/Habitat Biologist 302-725-3638
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Facts About Phragmites

Phragmites has been present in Delaware’s marshes for a long time. In fact, research shows that Phragmites (Phragmites australis) has been a part of the wetland ecosystem of North America for over 11,000 years. However, in the 1950s, Phragmites was identified as problematic in North American wetlands as a non-native European hybrid began to wreak

Private Lands Assistance

Delaware is a biologically diverse state with hardwood forests, swamps and coastal marshes that support over 400 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Despite significant strides in conservation, much of the wildlife habitat in Delaware remains isolated, degraded and unprotected as more land is converted to urban, commercial and industrial uses. [column md=”5″

Resilient Community Partnership: Atlantic Coast Communities and Lewes

DNREC’s Delaware Coastal Programs (DCP) office has partnered with a group of seven unique coastal municipalities on a comprehensive assessment of impervious surface coverage. The project will produce community-specific strategies for reducing existing and future impervious surface coverage and increasing stormwater infiltration. Local Leadership

Information for Businesses

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control permits and regulates many business activities. It also offers assistance programs to help business and industry thrive in Delaware. Administrative Law DNREC Regulations Public Hearings Public Notices Secretary’s Orders Assistance and Advice

Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control offers information and programs for hunters, anglers, bird-watchers, campers, bikers, hikers, swimmers and people who like to lie on their backs in the grass and gaze up at the clouds. Choose Your State Park Alapocas Run State Park

Information for Government

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Works with county and local governments to help improve the lives of Delaware residents, and the state’s natural resources. Wetlands, Flooding and Land Use Learn about freshwater wetlands and view wetland maps with the Delaware Freshwater Wetland Toolbox. Find out

Information for Homeowners

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has a number of programs for homeowners. The Department regulations onsite wastewater systems and asbestos. It provides grants and homeowner assistance. And it offers guidance on a wide variety of subjects of interest to homeowners. Your Property

Renewable Energy Assistance

Grant funds and incentives are available to promote the use of renewable energy in Delaware. The DNREC Green Energy Program includes several different types of green energy funding programs from the state’s major electric utilities.

Contact Us

Application Assistance 877-453-2327

Weatherization Assistance Program

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) offers a free Weatherization Assistance Program to help establish comfortable, energy-saving homes.

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Application Assistance 302-504-6111 All Other Questions 302-735-3480
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Regulatory Advisory Service

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) offers a free advisory service to help businesses learn about, and navigate, the regulations and permit requirements that apply to new or expanding businesses.

Contact Us

Michelle Jacobs Small Business Ombudsman

Community Ombudsman

The Community Ombudsman serves as a liaison between the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and communities throughout the state. The ombudsman helps communities identify and understand environmental problems. And helps the department understand the needs of communities.

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Community Involvement Advisory Council

The Community Involvement Advisory Council (CIAC) works to increase community participation and the flow of information between communities and the department. And it facilitates dialogue among all stakeholders during the decision-making process.

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Administrative Assistant Div. of Community Affairs

Community Environmental Project Fund

The Community Environmental Project Fund (CEPF) provides money to support the restoration of the environment in communities that were damaged by environmental pollution.
FY2023 CEPF Grant Applications Applications for Fiscal Year 2023 Community Environmental Project Fund grants will be accepted through Friday, Dec. 16,

Business Assistance

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) provides free assistance to all new and existing small businesses in Delaware through the Small Business Ombudsman and the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program. They help businesses understand the requirements of Delaware’s environmental programs and help find ways to comply with them in the easiest and

Division of Community Affairs

The Division of Community Affairs (formerly the Office of Community Services) oversees enforcement of Delaware environmental laws and regulations, provides assistance to businesses throughout the state, helps facilitate communications between the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and the communities it serves, and acts as a liaison between the department and the General

Environmental Crimes Unit

The Environmental Crimes Unit investigates environmental crimes and enforces a wide variety of environmental laws and regulations for the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC).

Emergency Response Line

800-662-8802 Report environmental complaints, spills, releases, trash dumping and more. You will

Community Affairs Contacts

Office of the Director Matthew Ritter Division Director 89 Kings Highway Dover, DE 19901 302-739-9187
Environmental Crimes Unit