Community Involvement Advisory Council

The Community Involvement Advisory Council (CIAC) works to increase community participation and the flow of information between communities and the department. And it facilitates dialogue among all stakeholders during the decision-making process.

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The council is established in state law (29 Del.C. § 8016A) as a permanent council serving in an advisory capacity to the secretary of the department. The council is responsible for addressing the relationships and interaction between communities and the department, increasing the flow of information, and meaningful participation in the decision-making process of the department.

The Community Involvement Advisory Council may address adverse environmental impacts on communities, helping to ensure that no community is abnormally affected by environmental impacts. The council may also study, research, plan and advise the Secretary on matters it deems appropriate to enable the department to relate to, and interact with, communities.

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Report of the original DNREC Community Involvement Advisory Committee (2001) which led to creation of the present Community Involvement Advisory Council.

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