Information for Homeowners

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has a number of programs for homeowners. The Department regulations onsite wastewater systems and asbestos. It provides grants and homeowner assistance. And it offers guidance on a wide variety of subjects of interest to homeowners.

Your Property

Use the Discovering Wetlands guide to identify and learn about wetlands you may have in your back yard

Read the landowners guide to wetland restoration in Delaware to find inspiration in restoration stories (Part 1) and to find resources for restoration (Part 2)

Take advantage of the Delaware Landowner Incentive Program to find funding and assistance

Learn how to stabilize shorelines by creating living shorelines rather than bulkheads

DNREC offers a Drainage and Stormwater Assistance hotline at 302-855-1955 or by e-mail at

Responding to old debris pits and the sinkholes that they can cause.

Assistance in closing underground storage tanks (USTs) that store heating fuel.

Water and Wastewater

Learn about Well Permits and Water Allocation permits

Learn about on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems known commonly as septic systems

Learn more about how your septic system works:

Learn about the Community Septic System Outreach program and the Septic Rehabilitation Loan Program

Energy and Your Home

Learn how you can take advantage of solar, geothermal and other green energy alternatives

Use less energy at home by weatherizing your home

See how Delaware’s modern building energy codes are helping reduce energy use

Reduce, re-use and recycle to save energy expended on waste management

Explore the potential of home- and community level green infrastructure

Most open burning is prohibited in Delaware from May 1 through September 30, typically referred to as “Ozone Season.”

Open Burning

Read the Citizens’ Guide to Residential Open Burning to learn what’s allowed, and what’s not.


Learn how to handle asbestos in your home.

Recycling and Yard Waste

Learn what can be recycled, and how to best take advantage of recycling in Delaware.

The best way to dispose of yard waste is to recycle it on-site. You can “grasscycle” by using a mulching mower and leave grass clippings to enrich your lawn. Compost yard waste and kitchen scraps for use in your garden. Your waste hauler may offer yard waste collection, or you can take it to a drop-off facility. Remember, yard waste may not be disposed of with your trash or in Delaware landfills.

Animals and Wildlife

Information about Coyotes in Delaware

An online app to help you find a nuisance wildlife control operator

If you think there’s an animal with rabies, contact the Division of Public Health at 302-744-4995 or toll-free at 1-866-972-9705

If there’s a dead animal on or near a roadway, use the DelDOT Report an Issue app (select “Dead Animal”) or contact the DelDOT Transportation Management Center at 302-659-4600, #77 on your cell, or through e-mail at

For questions about ownership and breeding of exotic animals, visit the Dept. of Agriculture’s Poultry and Animal Health Section

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