Septic Rehabilitation Grant Program

Welcome to Delaware’s Septic Rehabilitation Grant Program (SRGP), a beacon of support for low-income homeowners in need. The SRGP provides funding for costs associated with replacing failing septic systems and cesspools with on-site wastewater disposal systems. The SRGP also provides funding for costs associated with connecting to central sewer systems.


Jessica Velazquez
Environmental Finance

Georgetown Area:
Bruce Wright
First State Community Action Agency
302-856-7761 (ext. 111)

Dover Area:
First State Community Action Agency

The need for change
In many Delaware communities, aging septic systems pose a threat to both public health and the environment. Our grant program addresses this challenge head on, recognizing the vital role that proper sanitation plays in the well-being of our Delaware residents.

Who we serve
At the heart of our initiative are the low-income homeowners struggling with the burden of failing septic systems. We aim to make a positive impact on their lives, fostering a sense of security and pride in their homes. Property owners will be required to meet program income guidelines.

Eligible costs
Eligible costs for on-site systems include site evaluation, septic system design, permits, and construction costs. Eligible costs for central sewer projects include impact fees, connection fees, permit costs, electrical, and abandonment of septic systems.

How we make a difference
Through the septic rehabilitation grant program, eligible homeowners gain access to financial assistance to replace their septic systems. Our program will help to empower individuals and families by replacing
outdated septic systems, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable living environment.

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