Stormwater Infrastructure Loans

The Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund provides loans for stormwater infrastructure projects as part of a 20% set-aside designed to provide funds for green infrastructure, water or energy efficiency improvements, or other environmentally innovative activities.

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Stormwater infrastructure project loans are made at below market interest rates. Interest rate subsidies and/or principal forgiveness may be provided based on the affordability of the project.

Eligible Projects

Eligible projects will be able to show a water quality benefit. Projects greater than $250,000 must follow the PPL process.

Eligible Applicants

Stormwater projects can be eligible as municipal (212) projects, non-point source (319), and /or green infrastructure projects. Low-cost, non-point source projects may be eligible under our expanded uses programs.

Funding Process

Annually, DNREC develops a Project Priority List (PPL) of projects that will receive funding during the next fiscal year. The development of the PPL begins in January when eligible wastewater utilities are notified of the opportunity to submit a Notice-of-Intent (NOI) to apply for funding. From the NOI, a draft PPL is developed and put out for public review each year. Projects are ranked on their environmental benefit.

There is also a second solicitation for projects in July/August timeframe and the PPL is amended to add the new projects. After the PPL is adopted, those applicants whose projects are on the fundable portion of the list will be contacted to submit a loan application for funding.

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