Drainage and Stormwater Assistance

Each year thousands of Delawareans express concerns about drainage and stormwater. In many cases, residents don’t know who to contact if they have a problem. Several state and local agencies, including DNREC, DelDOT, conservation districts and municipal public works programs can help resolve drainage and flooding related problems.

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Drainage and Stormwater Assistance Line

Drainage Concern Reporting Form

Delaware HelpLine
1-800-464-HELP (4357)

DNREC has established a central telephone number and reporting form to report drainage and stormwater concerns such as ​excess stormwater runoff, standing water, stream bank erosion, beaver dams, stormwater pond, tax ditch ​concerns and more.

The Drainage and Stormwater Assistance Line is answered between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on regular business days. The reporting form and the state’s HelpLine number are available at all times and will connect users to the Assistance Line.

Callers will be asked to provide their name and contact information, the address or location where the problem is occurring, and a brief description of the nature of the problem. This information will assist DNREC staff members in determining which jurisdiction is responsible for following up. Callers can expect to be contacted by the appropriate agency for any technical assistance.