Environmental Crimes Unit

The Environmental Crimes Unit investigates environmental crimes and enforces a wide variety of environmental laws and regulations for the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC).

Emergency Response Line


Report environmental complaints, spills, releases, trash dumping and more. You will be asked when and where, and for your name and contact information.

The Environmental Crimes Unit is part of the Delaware Natural Resources Police, which includes the Environmental Crimes Unit, the Delaware State Park Rangers, and the Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police.

All of DNREC’s environmental officers are certified police officers with full police powers. Officers work closely with other police agencies and run criminal checks on individuals under investigation for environmental violations.

The Environmental Crimes Unit maintains a toll-free 24-hour Emergency Response Line for reporting environmental violations. All emergencies will be responded to immediately. For other environmental crimes, an officer will be dispatched during weekday work hours, or an officer will follow-up by telephone during off hours. If the incident reported is under other jurisdiction, callers will be directed to the best agency to respond.

Off-loading a Tanker Truck
A Delaware Natural Resources Police Officer, as part of the State’s Emergency Response Team, assists with the off-loading of a tanker truck that crashed on I-95.

Environmental Crimes Unit officers respond to a variety of complaints, including:

Community Policing

The Environmental Crimes Unit also runs a Community Policing Program. Under this program, officers train municipal and county police to identify environmental violations. For more information on the Community Policing Program, contact Chief of Enforcement Daniel Wood at 302-739-9401. Other services provided by the Environmental Crimes Unit include a ride-a-long program and liaison with community groups.

Emergency Response

In conjunction with the Emergency Response Branch, all Environmental Crimes Unit officers are part of DNREC’s Emergency Response Team and are available 24 hours-a-day to respond to oil and hazardous substance spills in the state and surrounding region. The Environmental Crimes Unit is one of the key players in the State Emergency Response Team. The Emergency Response Team is called when an abandoned container is reported, an unknown substance is found to be leaking out of a vehicle or tank, a petroleum or hazardous waste spill is reported, or an air pollutant is released that can cause human health or environmental damage.

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