Delaware Wetland Management Plan

Delaware is a state rich with wetlands that vary from forested vernal ponds, to highly productive salt marshes, to unique Bald Cypress Swamps. As stewards of these great resources it is our responsibility to slow the loss of wetland acreage, improve the health of remaining wetlands and work together to better understand and share with others the value of wetlands.

The Wetland Management Plan

Delaware creates five-year wetland program plans to serve as guides to identifying wetland research, education, management, and conservation needs.

The plans also identify and prioritize areas where information or action is needed to advance wetland management statewide.

The 2021-2025 Delaware Wetland Program Plan (available soon) is an update of the 2015 Delaware Wetland Management Plan

Any program working in or around wetlands is encouraged to reference the action items listed within to generate and justify project ideas.

Goals and Objectives

The Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Program (WMAP) uses goals and actions items to prioritize and select future projects to strengthen Delaware’s capacity to conserve and improve wetlands.

Delaware Wetland Program Plan Review of Progress

Wetland Program Plan Goal and Objectives

The inner pie chart (with icons) represents the seven goals of the Delaware Wetland Program Plan.

The outer ranking represent the evolution of progress on each goal based on action items.

Previous Plans and Strategies

The 2015 Delaware Wetland Management Plan covered 2016-2020 and included 45 action items under the seven goals as the 2021-2025 plan. By the close of 2020, 30 of those action items were either complete or in progress.

The 2011 Delaware Wetland Monitoring Strategy was a part of the State’s overall Water Monitoring Strategy to help direct the State’s efforts to assess the conditions of all waters

The 2008 Delaware Wetlands Conservation Strategy covered 2006-2008 and outlined six goals similar to succeeding plans. This initial conservation strategy grew out of the recognition of needs to develop a comprehensive plan for the future of Delaware’s wetlands.