You Can Help Wetlands and Watersheds

Whether your property is in a suburban, urban, or rural landscape you can adopt several watershed and wetland friendly behaviors that will reduce your impact on the waters and land downstream of you.

Plant a Tree

Here are some of the simple changes, and the more dedicated changes, you can make each day to do your part in keeping Delaware’s waterways healthy.

Just make a few simple changes and you can be on your way to protecting your watershed:

  • Reducing or eliminating use of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Never overwatering your lawn
  • Picking up pet waste
  • Using a mulching mower
  • Landscaping with native plants
  • Participating in local cleanup activities
  • Removing invasive plants
  • Installing a rain barrel
  • Adding a rain garden to your landscape
  • Reducing impervious surfaces (solid surfaces that water can not drain through) on your property

Install a Rain Garden

Or if you want to be more active try some of these activities:

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