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Coastal Research

DNREC’s Delaware Coastal Programs conducts a variety of coastal research programs to study the affects of climate change, impacts from human pollutants, and other factors impacting the changing coastal environment of Delaware.

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The Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) collaborates with various partner organizations and hosts visiting scientists who conduct research of local and national significance that focuses on enhancing coastal management.

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Report Atlantic Sturgeon

You can help DNREC research and manage the local population of Atlantic sturgeon, a rare and endangered fish. Simply use our reporting form to let us know of any interactions you have with this fish.
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Previous Planning and Research

The Christina-Brandywine River Remediation Restoration Resilience (CBR4) project area has seen more than two decades of planning work, to understand the needs of the community, and scientific research, to understand contamination sources.
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    Delaware Wetlands

    The DNREC Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Program, known as Delaware Wetlands, provides quality reports on the status, health and function of Delaware’s wetlands. It collaborates with other government agencies, businesses, non-profits and universities to further wetland research.

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    Scientific Collection Permits

    The Division of Fish and Wildlife issues permits to collect protected wildlife, finfish, shellfish or their nests or eggs for scientific, education or propagating purposes. Permits are issued for up to one year and may require review and approval from a relevant taxa project leader.

    Research and Monitoring

    Biologists from the Division of Fish and Wildlife keep track of the state’s fish populations. They work on Delaware’s rivers, ponds, estuaries, the Delaware Bay, and coastal waters and study how different species are faring. What Fisheries Biologists Do Fisheries Biologist John Clark captured and tagged this

    The Fisheries Section

    The DNREC Fisheries Section works to enhance and protect Delaware’s fish and aquatic resources in support of recreational and commercial fishing. It provides first-class fishing and boating access to Delaware’s many waterways. And it conducts fisheries research, resource monitoring, and collection of biological information on marine fisheries.
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    Environmental Lab

    The Delaware Environmental Laboratory is a full-service lab that tests and assesses water, air, soil, hazardous materials, and biological samples. The lab helps monitor the water quality and biological health of Delaware’s surface waters.


    Laboratory Administration 302-739-9942

    The Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve

    The Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve (DNERR) is one of 30 National Estuarine Research Reserves across the country whose goal is to establish, protect, and manage natural estuarine habitats for research, education, and coastal stewardship.
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