PCB Mass Loading Studies: Phase I Report

The phase I report from the DNREC initiative to study polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and how they enter surface waters from hazardous substance release sites around the state.

PCB Mass Loading from Hazardous Substance Release Sites to Surface Waters of the Christina River Basin

Report Summary

Figure 1 Evaluated Site Map

Figure 2 Mass-Loading Summary Map

Table 1 Mass-Loading Summary


1a A-1 Auto

1b Merkin Auto

1c American Tank Trailer Cleaning

1d Shuster Auto

2 American Scrap and Refuse

3 Amtrak Refueling

4 Amtrak Maintenance

5 Amtrak West Yards

6 Burns and McBride

7 Former Carney-Harris

8 Christina Marina

9 Diamond State Foundry-Pullman Car Works

10 Diamond State Salvage

11a Dravo Shipyard – Amer Industrial Techmologies

11b Dravo Shipyard – Harbor Associates

12 Electric Hose and Rubber

13 The Estate of Lester Nolan

14 Hay Street Sludge Drying

15 Holly Oak Substation

16 Howard Street Commercial (Penn Del Metal Recycling)

17a Justison Landing-Former Wilmington Public Works Yard

17b Justison Landing- Former Parcels C+D

18 Kreiger Finger Property

19 Meco Drive / Wayman Fire Protection

20 NVF Wilmington

21 Peninsula Park

22a Purina Tower A

22b Purina Tower B

23 Salvation Army

24 Up the Creek

25 Wilmington Coal Gas North

26 Wilmington Coal Gas South