Delaware Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee

The Delaware Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee was created in 2010 to bring together to investigate the state’s vulnerability to sea level rise and to provide recommendations about how to best prepare for higher sea levels.

Adapting to sea level rise simply means making changes to the way we plan for the future by incorporating sea level rise considerations into our current decision-making process. Most state and local policies and regulations for flood management, emergency management, infrastructure siting, building codes and natural resource management had not considered the future effects of sea level rise; without considering these impacts, additional homes, infrastructure and resources may be vulnerable in the future.

The advisory committee, convened by then DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara, included members from a wide variety of stakeholder groups including state agencies, local governments, citizen organizations, business organizations and environmental organizations. They created work groups to focus on issues of the effects of sea level rise on natural resources, public safety and infrastructure, and society and the economy.

They produced a series of Preparing for Tomorrow’s High Tide reports which have served to guide state and local actions in response to the challenges of a coastal state in a time of climate change.

Documents and Reports

Public Meeting Calendar Postings for the Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee (December 2010 through March 2014)

Sea Level Rise Workshop Proceedings and Interim Implementation Plan (September 2014)

Recommendations for Adapting to Sea Level Rise in Delaware (September 2013)
Executive Summary
Public Comments

Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment (July 2012)
Executive Summary
Mapping Appendix

Progress Report of the Delaware Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee (November 2011)

Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee Goal Statement (January 2011)

Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee Member Responsibilities (January 2011)

Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee Voting Procedures (January 2011)

Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee Ground Rules (December 2010)