Resources for Teachers

The Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve offers a variety of Teacher Professional Development opportunities every year. These training sessions give teachers from around the Delaware Bay an opportunity to grow and expand their skills.

Teachers: Register now for the next Green Eggs and Sand workshop, June 8 and 9, 2024.

Green Eggs and Sand

Green Eggs and Sand is an innovative workshop experience and set of curriculum modules designed to explore the Atlantic Coast horseshoe crab/shorebird phenomenon and management controversy. The first workshop was launched in the spring of 2000 by aquatic education specialists from Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey in response to the escalating horseshoe crab management controversy on Delaware Bay. Many of the teachers participating in that inaugural workshop stayed on to help write, pilot and implement the lessons that form the heart of the Green Eggs and Sand curriculum. In the years since, interest in horseshoe crabs and Green Eggs and Sand has spawned workshops up and down the coast, serving educators from 25 states and four foreign countries. Learn more.

Teachers on the Estuary

Graphic reading "Teachers on the Estuary"

Teachers on the Estuary (TOTE) is a teacher workshop experience which includes lessons from the National Estuarine Research Reserve’s Estuaries 101 Curriculum in which students become more “oceans literate” by increasing their knowledge of coastal and estuarine science and their awareness of how coasts and oceans affect their daily lives.

More Resources for Teachers from the Reserves

The network of 29 National Estuarine Research Reserves offer a wide variety of educational programs, resources, tools and data for use by teachers. The reserves serve as living outdoor classrooms, with opportunities as varied as the many coastal states that house them. Programs at the reserves examine topics as large as our changing climate and as personal as the steps we can each take to help protect our environment. The reserves provide hands-on educational experiences for adults, children, and teachers.